December 11, 2017


Kitwe, Zambia


Elder Lusk

Baptism scheduled for Christmas Eve!! So Excited!!

Hey everyone!

We had another great week this week full of lots of fun and really good instruction as well! Monday we played futbol (soccer) again with some of the members of our branch and some of our investigators that we are teaching. We have been able to really use this to our advantage as far as fellow shipping our investigators with our members. Later in the evening we went to a birthday party for one of our members named Terrance. Elder McCormick made some pretty good brownies that we all enjoyed!

Tuesday we had our usual district meeting and then went right out and got to work. I am actually struggling right now to remember the day because I forgot my planner back at the flat today... whoops. But I remember that it was still a pretty good day and we were able to teach some of our investigators.

Wednesday was another good day as well. We started off by meeting in town with one of our members named Silvia who is a newly returned missionary. We actually got member help that day and it made for such an awesome day. We caught a bus out to Mulenga Compound where we were able to meet up with Phillis and taught her the whole Plan of Salvation. She was able to understand it very well because our member help was able to translate some of the bigger and more complicated words for her. Phillis was able to really understand why it is so important that we take the steps that are necessary on earth in order to prepare for our own salvation. She still has the desire to be baptized so we have her on date for the 24th of December, Christmas Eve!! We are so stoked about her! After we finished up that lesson we went and taught one of our investigators that stays in Ndeke named Ruthy. One of our fairly recent converts named Peter invited his Aunt Ruthy to come to church with him and she has come now for the past two weeks. At church she had a lot of questions about the Book of Mormon so we arranged to go and teach her and bring her a copy. We were able to teach the whole Restoration and introduce the Book of Mormon to her and she understood very well. After that lesson we met with a guy named Douglas who we had previous contacted in town. That lesson didn't quite as well as the others but he told us before we left that we shouldn't give up on him so we will be meeting with him again this week.

Thursday we caught a bus in town at 9:30 and traveled to Ndola for the mission tour/zone conference. We had to privilege of having Elder Hamilton who is a member of the Seventy and the President of the Southeast Africa Area, attend our zone conference. He along with his wife and President and Sister Kupu gave us some very good instruction for three hours. Following that we were given an hour to ask Elder Hamilton any questions that we have and we were able to get a lot of suggestions about how to further the work here in Zambia. It was such a good zone conference! I honestly am always looking forward to the next one. After we concluded the conference we were given some sack dinners and then we caught a bus back to Kitwe.

Friday we had our zone Christmas party and it was so much fun! The Kupu's and all of the Elders and Sisters from Ndola came up here to Kitwe and we had the party at our church meetinghouse. We started off by decorating the place with a Christmas tree, stocking, presents, etc. We playing some games where we got to decorate/wrap a missionary in Christmas decorations and make them look like a Christmas icon. We turned Elder Stein into "The 2025 Santa" haha. After that we had a relay race that consisted of watermelon eating, banana eating, moving things with straws, finding candy in a mountain of flour, and throwing kwachas haha. We made a big mess but it was a lot of fun. Then we preformed the skit about "The Fourth Wiseman" which turned out really good and then we ended with a white elephant gift exchange. I got a cool painting of an African sunset and an elephant. I think I can speak for all of the missionaries when I say that we all really enjoyed the fun break that we had together.

Saturday we were back to proselyting again and we were able to have some good lessons. In the morning we were able to teach Arnold about the Plan of Salvation. We could tell that something was making the lesson go a little different and then Arnold confided in us that he has some struggles with the Word of Wisdom so he wasn't able to focus as well that day. So next time we go back to teach him we will be helping him with that. He told us not to give up on him and we don't plan to. Later we went and taught Big Sam about faith from the Gospel of Jesus Christ and we really focused on how faith requires action and he realized that he was lacking in that category. He committed to coming to church with us the next day though so that was good. Towards the end of the day we were finally to regain contact with our good friend named Munshya. It had been over a month and a half sense we had seen him because he got a new job in the mines so he has to travel far to get there and is hardly ever home. But anyway we had a really good talk with him and we taught him about baptism and the importance of making sure it is done by someone who has the correct authority from God to preform the ordinance. He has been taking baptismal lessons with another church so we are trying to really make him think about what he is doing and making sure he realizes the Priesthood authority is necessary. So right now we are really praying for him because this is kind of a make it or break situation.

Sunday we had three investigators at church. We went down to Musonda and walked with Big Sam to Church, Phillis actually made the trip from Mulenga to attend church with us, and Ester came with the Daka family. We were so happy to have all of them at church! Phillis is definitely on track for her baptism on the 24th now. Sam said that he enjoyed his first time at church and he hit it off pretty well with our recent convert Gabriel which was so awesome. Gabriel is turning out to be quite the member. He will be receiving the Aaronic Priesthood this coming Sunday. He also told me that he has begun teaching some of his friends, so he requested a copy of all of the pamphlets we use for teaching. We plan to go and start teaching his friends soon. Member referrals are the best! Especially recent converts! We also got a new Branch President this week. Brother Scaneeka is now our new Branch President and he will be awesome! He is one of the most dedicated members we have in our branch. He stays like right next to the border between Zambia and the DRC but he consistently is an hour early to church every week. He will be a great leader that will be able to strengthen our branch.

Something cool about our Branch is that our most seasoned members have only been members for 10 years or less. Sure this can cause some difficulties as far as running the church the same way it is in the states because they are all still learning, but this is awesome because they all have the story of their conversion fresh on their minds and they have a great desire to build the church. We plan to work with a lot more members this week.

Well I think that about wraps up my week. I hope that everyone has another great one this week! Until next week. Sending love from Africa!!
Ps. Two weeks until CHRISTMAS!! Haha


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