December 4, 2017


Kitwe, Zambia


Elder Lusk

Week 13 in Kitwe -- First District Meeting with Area President Elder Palmer and Area Seventy Elder Hall. 5 Investigators at Church this week. Awesome Week!

Hey everyone! Another great week in the Great Zambia Lusaka Mission!
By the way just thought I would start off by clarifying how to pronounce Kitwe haha so it's pronounced Keet-way.

Anyway so this week turned out to be pretty successful. On Tuesday we had our District meeting and that went well. After District meeting we met up with our old friend Kasawa again at the meeting house. We helped him out with trimming the bushes around the church and hauling the clipping to the compost pile and then we talked with him for about an hour. He told us that come the new year he wants us to start teaching him again so I am excited to see how that goes. After we talking with him we went and visited some more of our investigators at their homes to set up return appointments for the week. Later in the day we were able to teach Arnold again. We finished up the Restoration and taught him about the Book of Mormon and he had a lot of really good questions for us. I just love it when we get to teach someone who is actively engaged in the lesson and wants to learn.

Wednesday we spent a long time in the morning talking with one of our members about a new area that we are going to be opening up soon. There is a part of our area called Ndeke (N-deck-a) that used to have missionaries but when our mission got smaller a year or so ago they were pulled out. Anyway there are a bunch of members that live there but they have become less active because it is too far from our meetinghouses, so me and Elder Lusk are going to put forth some effort to go and recontact some of those less active members. Also Phillis is the "Golden" contact that we are teaching and she lives in Mulenga (Moo-lane-ga) Compound which is just across the river from Ndeke so we want to make it worth our while when we go out there to teach her because it is expensive to get there. We have to spend 40 Kwacha to bus out there. Anyway later in the day we taught Big Sam about the Plan of Salvation and he really liked the lesson. Me and Elder Lusk aren't as fluent when it comes to teaching that lesson but we are improving. Later in the day we went over to my African families house (Simon Cangasa) to do some service. We got to paint the ceiling of their house with white paint and it was a lot of fun. Me and Elder Lusk got paint all over ourselves haha like it was literally all over my shirt, on my shoes, my name tag, watch, in my hair, etc. Don't get me wrong though we did work and the ceiling looks a lot better. The Cangasa's have built a smaller house next to their original house and they are now living there and remodeling their old house so that they can rent it out and start making money from that. They are so smart for doing this.

Thursday we went out to Mulenga Compound to teach Phillis and that was an adventure. We kinda got lost and it took us an hour to find her but we did eventually haha. We also got to teach her daughter Joyce and her friend Silvia. We taught them the rest of the Restoration and and then introduced the Book of Mormon. Half way through the lesson in the nicest way Phillis asked us if she could ask us a question and we were like of course you can. To quote her exact words, "I was just wondering... when is the soonest I can be baptized?" I felt like an idiot because my jaw like practically dropped to the floor haha I was just so surprised that she said that. I mean not only did she say she wanted to be baptized but she asked us when was the earliest possible time it could happen. So anyway right then we pulled out our phone to look at the calendar and we told her that if all goes well then we could baptize her on December 17th! So that is a possibility for sure but we will see. We might actually baptize her December 24th as our Christmas present to Christ. We think that would be cool because we could baptize on Christmas Eve and then confirm on New Years Eve! We also found out that Joyce has also been to church with her Mom when they were in Luanshya (Loo-won-shya) so we have the possibility of baptizing both of them if all goes well. We are very excited about them! After that lesson we then traveled back to Riverside to have lunch at our flat. After lunch we were able to go and meet up with a new investigator of ours named Jeremiah. He is a carpenter down in the more poor part of our area called Musonda but he is awesome. He saught us out as we were walking by his wooden shack. He is about 25 years old and just lives alone in a little hut but he is surprisingly pretty educated which is awesome. He has really surprised us as we have taught him the Restoration and introduced the Book of Mormon. I am very excited to see how he will progress.

Friday we had to leave early in the morning to go and help out the Kawama Elders with some transfers. I got to stay at the flat for a couple of hours and help Elder Blanchard pack his bags because he has been transferred to the Woodlands area in Lusaka. Meanwhile Elder Lusk went with Elder Stein to go and do a baptismal interview for their candidate. It was fun to spend some time with Elder Blanchard just talking about things and reminiscing about things we have done here haha. Anyway we wrapped up that whole thing and then went back to our area. We went and taught Jeremiah again because he requested that we come back two days in a row which was awesome. He really has a desire to learn. The other appointments we had for the rest of the day dropped but we were able to wrap up the day with a dinner appointment at Simon Cangasa's house. He fed us goat meat with Nshima, rice, boiled spinach (different though, tasted like salted seaweed), peas, corn, and carrots. I actually thought that the meal was really good and I liked the goat meat. It kinda reminded my of duck but I think a little better haha. The other Elders weren't as much of a fan of it haha but oh well.

Saturday we got to teach Big Sam, his daughter Elisabeth, and his friend Joseph. We went over the Plan of Salvation again just to clarify things for them and I got to use my cut outs that Mom gave me. They were very helpful because Sam is a very visual learner. In fact most of the people I have taught here like visual aids the most when learning. Later we met up with Venasio but he told us he was busy so we got stood up again by him. We are giving him one last shot and then we will most likely move on. After we saw him we went to see some other investigators but they weren't home so we stopped by to see our good ole friend Shadrack and he was very happy to see us. We went right on in and began talking and then we taught him about the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Specifically I decided that we should read Matthew 3 about Jesus Christs baptism by John the Baptist. Shadrack was holding his little boy John who is about 3 years old. John began to fuss a little and then I remembered that I had a sucker in my side bag so I gave it to him and it made him content for the rest of our visit. Shadrack loved reading the story about Christs baptism so much that he told us he wants to be baptized soon. He asked us if we could go and do that right then and there haha but we told him we would have to teach him so more things first. So we are going to refocus our efforts on teaching him more and reading from the scriptures because he loves that. He was so happy that he climbed up his trees and picked us some fresh mangos and lemons and he gave us a lot! He gave us like 20 of each which was very generous of him. Shadrack is one of the poorest people I know money wise, but he is also one of the richest guys I know family wise. He is such a happy guy and loves his family very much. I hope to be like him in that way someday.

Sunday was awesome! We set a new record with 5 investigators at church! We walked to church with Shadrack and had fun talking about just whatever the whole way there. Also our professor friend Alfred came to church and he brought two of his colleagues with him. He brought his driver and a Chinese guy named Tony who he is working with as they are building the Copperbelt International Airport. Tony was very interested in our church. He took notes during our whole fast and testimony meeting! Alfred even got up and bore testimony of Jesus Christ and it was so awesome because he isn't even a member. It would be so cool if we could help them progress and eventually become members. I mean just saying but it would be pretty cool to go to Africa and baptize a Chinese guy haha. Anyway the rest of church went very well. Our Branch Presidency got released so currently our District President is running our Branch. We also received a bunch of the November Liahonas so now I will actually be able to find out what was said during the last conference sense we didn't to see all of it here. We made it back to our flat after church and then a hug rain/lightning storm hit so we weren't able to go out which meant that we were actually able to take a Sunday afternoon nap haha it's been a long time. The power was out for most of the day but then came back on around 21 hours so we could eat some food to break our fast.

Well that wraps up another week in Kitwe! Hopefully everything is good back home and you are all enjoying the Holiday season! Until next week. Sending lots of love from Africa!


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