November 27, 2017


Kitwe, Zambia


Elder Lusk

Our First Thanksgiving Feast -- Finally not a Greenie Anymore!

Hey everyone guess what? I am officially not a greeny anymore!! Yeah haha!

This week was a busy one for sure! Me and my comp got to do some traveling around and then we also had District Conference the weekend and it was amazing!

So Monday evening me and Elder Lusk were able to catch a bus from town to Luanshya so we could spend the night with our zls. It took us a long time find a bus because it was late and so some we had to taxi to a new area and then catch a bus going to Ndola and then get dropped off early. So anyway that was an interesting experience just getting dropped off in the bush on the side of the road. Luckily another person riding the bus got dropped off at the same place and it turns out that her husband is the Mayor of Luanshya. So anyway the mayor gave us a free ride to Luanshya in the back of his truck. The sky was full of stars that night too and it made for a really nice drive! Anyway we met up with the zls and spent the night with them.

Tuesday we traveled in the zls truck to Ndola where we were able to attend some meetings. My comp Elder Lusk is the District Leader so he had a meeting and I got to meet some new missionaries that just got to Zambia. We then stayed for the Ndola District meeting and that was a good experience to see how things run in other area. Between the meetings and traveling our day was pretty much over.

Wednesday we were anxious to get out and start teaching but it ended up being a rough day for us. We got stood up by everyone that we wanted to see so we ended up going tracting again to get some new contacts and meet new people that we could teach. We also got caught in another pretty big storm so we had to call it an early day.

Thursday we were able to meet with the new referral we received from our zls. We actually had to travel quite far but we met with Phillis and she was very interested in our message. She had amazing questions that pertained to the lesson about the Restoration. She even asked us about baptism. Specifically she asked us if she would need to be baptized again even though she was already baptized in another church? We were able to tell her yes and she accepted to being baptized again someday. We still have a lot to teach her so we didn't give her a date but I think she will be ready for baptism soon which is very exciting! We also met with two guys who's names are Brian and Kalidou. I have high hopes for Kalidou because most of his relatives are members in the Congo (DRC). We had to clarify some of the rumors he had heard about our church haha but I think he will progress well. We also met with Big Sam again and taught about the Book of Mormon again. We then had our whole district over at our flat that evening and we had our BIG Thanksgiving feast and it was so good!! All 8 of us Elders made a dish and we ate like kings haha! My job was to cook the meat so I bought 4 chickens (pre-harvested haha because I didn't have time to harvest fresh chickens) and then I battered them all up. I covered then in a thin layer of egg and then seasoned them and put them in the oven and they turned out amazing!! I was very proud of myself haha! We also had rolls, funeral potatoes, corn, veggies, coleslaw, egg salad, cookie bars, lemon maraine pie, and coconut cream pie. It was a feast!

Friday everyone we had planned to see was busy again so we went out and tracked into some times. We taught a man named Tennyson and turns out he has member friends that stay in Ndola so we are excited to teach him sense he already has a good connection with the church. Next time we are hoping to teach him and his whole family. He is a retired man at 72 years and owns a big house. Most of his sisters and their families stay with him also so we have a lot of potential in that home. We also taught a cool guy named Obi who is a tax collector. I am not sure if he will progress but we will see.

Saturday we taught Kalidou and Brian and they had a lot of good questions about the Godhead and we were able to use a lot of scriptures from the Bible answer them. We also have some homework to look up more scriptures for the next time we teach them. We also taught Boneface again and he is continuing to progress. After our lessons we traveled out to Kawama for our Saturday evening session of District Conference. We had to priviledge of having our Area President, Elder Palmer and a member of the Seventy, Elder Hall. It was cool for me to see Elder Palmer again because I met him while I was in the Johannesburg MTC! He even remembered seeing me and Elder Stein there so that was really cool! Also Elder Hall's daughter was one of the teachers in the MTC so we took a picture with him and he is going to show his daughter. Pretty cool right?!

Sunday was District Conference and it was amazing! We met in town at the Pamo Lodge because our normal meeting houses are too small for conference but it was awesome. We also had the priviledge to hear from our wonderful President and Sister Kupu. I learned a lot more about them and I have developed a whole new level of love and respect for them! They are amazing people and have given up a lot to serve the Lord as Mission President and Wife. They are an amazing example to me of what a couple should do to raise a family in the Gospel. I feel very blessed to have them! There was just so many good things that were taught during District Conference that I won't be able to tell you everything but we heard a lot about the temple, assisting the missionaries as members, and raising families to build the church here in Zambia. Most members here are 1st generation members or in other words converts and so family is a very important matter here to help build the church.

Anyway it was another really great week and we were able to stay busy for the most part. I hope that all is well back home and that everyone had a great Thanksgiving! I am especially grateful this time of year for the Gospel truths that we have as members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. I pray that we will never take this for granted. Serving a mission has made me appreciate even more how blessed I was to have been born in the Church and raised by wonderful parents that taught my family. I know that families can be together forever through the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The church is true!! That's all there is to it.

Until next week! Sending lots of love from Africa!!


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