November 20, 2017


Kitwe, Zambia


Elder Lusk

Thanksgiving in Kitwe -- I get to process a turkey or chicken. Sure glad I grew up processing our own animals. Week #11

Hey everyone!

This week turned out to be a little slower than last week due to the fact that we made it a goal to not go tracking and just spend all of our time with our current investigators. This however is a lot harder than it seems. You would think that after finding so many new investigators that we would be crazy busy teaching them all but people have their own busy schedules and we just have to work around them. Anyway it was still a pretty good week with a lot of promising things in store for the near future.

Tuesday we had our district meeting as usual and then we got to take one of our zls (Elder Olsen) with us for the day. We got to go and teach one of our new investigators named Munthali. He is an older gentleman but he is a very nice man. He has such great faith in Jesus Christ already it makes the lessons go very well. He is able to understand everything that we teach him very well. He is also a farmer and so he is usually gone for 4-5 days at a time so we have to be flexible with his schedule as far as teaching goes but we have learned to be patient with people here in Zambia. "African standard time" is even later than the typical "Mormon standard time" haha. Anyway I was also able to make a good connection with him because he raises pigs too so that was cool! After we finished teaching Munthali we went down to see another one of our newer investigators named Sam. Sam is the owner of a gym and is a really nice guy. We have learned that he is more of a visual learner and likes demonstrations, so we have been able to teach for understanding in that way for him. He also introduced us to his friends Joseph and Gift so we are teaching them now. Later in the evening we went back to the Bible College prepared to teach the whole class of investigators but only two were there. So we talked with them for a little bit and then set up a return appointment.

Wednesday was a slower day. We went to Mukuba Mall to teach Boneface and that lesson went very well. We followed up with him on how he felt about church on Sunday and specifically about our lesson on the Plan of Salvation. He had a few more good questions for us that we were able to answer and all was good. After that we got caught in the rain so we stayed for lunch at the mall and then ran to catch a taxi to take us home. Later when the rains had died down we were able to teach another one of our guards that was newly added to the rotation. His name is Fordson Swalya. I caught him reading the Book of Mormon as we were running inside to get out of the rain. When we went back outside he had already written down some questions on a piece of paper that he wanted us to answer so we gladly did so. It was so awesome to just observe someone as he studied out the Book of Mormon. He only works the night shift on Wednesdays so we plan to teach him every time he comes to work at our flat.

Thursday was an even slower day. We called like 40 phone numbers in the morning and we were only able to set up one appointment. Then when we went to our only scheduled appointment the guy stood us up. So we ended up going tracting but not much came of it. We met several people but most of the people didn't really seem interested. We did however meet a man named Bennett and we are going to go back and see him this week. While we were tracting we saw another storm brewing so we decided to head back to the flat. We were just casually walking back not in any hurry but everyone else around us was running. I commented to my companion that "I enjoy a little bit of rain" because at the moment the rainfall felt really good. Then we saw lightning beginning to get closer and the thunder was crackling and so we picked up the pace a little bit. As soon as we got inside our flat the clouds opened up and it was pouring buckets of rain! The rain lasted the rest of the day so I ended up cooking some food to pass the time haha.

Friday we saw Boneface again and introduced him to the Gospel of Jesus Christ in hopes that he would come to church on Sunday so we could talk about it. Then we said hi to Simenye and Blessings who are two potential investigators. After seeing them we met with the manager of Mukuba Mall to see if we could set up a stand in the mall so that we could contact people and hand out pamphlets but that was a no go because he wanted money. Anyway then we had lunch and then went back to the Bible College and this time only one of our previous investigators was there so we talked to him. Then we went to CBU (Copperbelt University) and met with our good friend Alfred who is a professor there. We talked for 2 hours and I have to say I fell asleep a couple times during our visit but I didn't get any comment from him so I don't think he noticed. We learned that Alfred is a big talker. haha

Saturday we met with Tawonga and taught him more about the Restoration and more specifically Joseph Smith. He had some questions about the Prophet and wanted to know more so we were gladly able to help. We also introduced him to the Book of Mormon and committed him to read and pray about it so we will follow up on that this week. Then we met and taught Simenye again and struggled through a lesson with him. I get the feeling that he doesn't feel God loves him because of some of the questions he had and the things he shared with us. So we bore our testimony that God loves each and everyone of his children and we tried our best to answer his questions but I think we will talk about the same thing next time. After that lesson we met with Sam, Joseph, Gift, and Isabel. We began teaching just the guys and then Isabel just came and sat down next to us and joined right in the lesson. She turned out to be a big help because she is an educated school girl and she was about to help us read through the Introduction of the Book of Mormon. After that we went and taught Emmanuel and Jennifer again and gave them both a copy of a the Book of Mormon so we got to teach that a lot that day.

Sunday we had 3 investigators at church again!! 3 seems like such a small number but that is big here in Kitwe! Funny thing is though is that they were 3 different investigators than last week. We walked to church with Shadrack, then when we got to church Ester was there, then to our surprise one of our previous "Golden" investigators reappeared! Issac came to the church and explained to us that he had moved and got a new phone all at the same time so that is why we lost contact with him. If you will remember Issac is the one who researched our church on and got our number from the online personnel and contacted us. Anyway we stayed for an hour and a half after church and went over the Restoration with him and explained more about the Book of Mormon. The lesson was amazing! I could feel the Spirit guiding me the whole time through the lesson and Issac was understanding perfectly. He kept having those ah ha moments and saying, "Ah that makes so much sense now, thank you!" It was just awesome to finally have him back. At the end of our lesson he also asked us what else he needed to do/learn so that he could become part of us. He is just so "Golden!" We plan to put him on date this week and baptize him in early December. Also right after we finished that lesson with Issac we got a referral from our zls. They have been teaching a girl and she wants to be baptized but she just left their area and moved to our area so we are going to meet her this week and hopefully put her on date soon as well. Sunday was the highlight of my whole week!

This week definitely had its ups and downs but through it all I learned a lot. I feel so blessed that I have the opportunity to serve here in Kitwe, Zambia! I Will keep you all updated on how our investigators are progressing. Also this next week wraps up my 12 weeks training so I will officially not be a greeny anymore! Haha thank goodness! Until next week!
You will be happy to know that we will be having a Thanksgiving feast as well. Now that we have 8 Elders in the District we are all making something and we are all getting together at our flat on Thursday for a feast. I have been assigned to buy either a turkey or several chickens and harvest them and then cook them up for the feast. I guess word got out that I am a "country boy" and that I know how to kill and process animals hahaha so we will see how that goes this week. I am grateful that I was taught these kinds of skills growing up because none of the other Elders have even seen an animal be processed. It is crazy how my mission has made me grateful for things and especially the knowledge and experience I have. Thanks to you and Dad for raising me the way you did!

Sending love from Africa!


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