November 13, 2017


Kitwe, Zambia


Elder Lusk

18 New Investigators This Week. 10th Week in Kitwe

Hi everybody!

This week turned out to be an awesome week as far as numbers go! Me and Elder Lusk set a new personal record with 18 new investigators this week, 12 of which we found on Thursday!! We were really killing it that day!

Tuesday we had a slower day with more dropped appointments than actual lessons. After our district meeting we tried to teach a lesson with a member present but we got stood up by the investigator for like the 5th time so we have decided to kinda drop that person. One of the hardest parts of being a missionary is when people either reject your message or just lack interest and blow you off. Luckily here in Zambia most people are Christian and are willing to hear our message, the only bad part about that is that they don't completely realize our purpose as missionaries is to help them join us. So we have to weed out the people that are really serious and will progress from the others that just like to visit with us because we are spreading "the word" or just frankly because we are muzungus (white people).

Wednesday was also another slow day for us. We only got to teach two lessons the whole day but we did make a really good contact with a man named Alfred that we made an investigator later in the week. Alfred is a professor at Copperbelt University and has travel all over the world for education and teaching. He studied in the UK, taught in China, and visits colleagues in the USA often. He told us, "Because of my travels I am very acquainted with the 'White' people so I have no problem talking to you guys." Haha Me and Elder Lusk both got a kick out of that. We were also able to meet with Boneface again at the mall and we introduced him to the Book of Mormon and he had a lot of good questions that pertained to the book which was really good. We also gave him a Plan of Salvation pamphlet and invited him to come to church on Sunday so we could talk more. Originally he told us that his busiest days at the mall is Sunday so he would have to think about it. Hearing this made Me and Elder Lusk think that he wouldn't come but turns out we were pleasantly surprised when he actually came on Sunday!

Thursday was our big day that saved us this week! Like I mentioned earlier we made 12 new investigators! We decided to humble ourselves and go down to a part of our area that is a little more poverty stricken and we had amazing success. First we taught a young man named Ringson. He was nice enough to let us into his home but I am not sure how much of our message he actually understood, so next time we go back we will take a member with us. Next we were walking down the street and I saw a cardboard sign advertising a gym called "Big Sam's", so we decided to go and check it out. We ended up teaching the owner of the gym and of course his name is Sam. I was actually really pleased with how well he was understanding our message and he told us that he would like to learn more so I am excited to go back and teach him again this week. Next we ran into two men named Emmanuel and Chastity who were just chilling in their little shop in front of their house. I asked Chastity if he knew what his name meant and he said no, so I told him I would teach him later. Hahaha that will be interesting. Anyway before we got to teaching them they sent one of their sons to go and get someone and when the other man arrived he actually knew who we were. His name is Bernard. He had previously met some missionaries when he was in Joeburg, South Africa and he even attended church with them. I had actually been in Joeburg at the MTC the same time he was there. We made a good connection when I told him that I have been proselyting in Soweto. He turned out to be a very nice guy and even invited us and the two other men into his home for lunch and then we taught all of them, and his daughter Jennifer, the Restoration. Next we went to our scheduled appointment at the Bible College close to our church. We were hesitant going to this appointment because we were afraid that the students we were meeting with just wanted to "Bible Bash" with us but we were pleasantly surprised with how well the meeting went. Me and Elder Lusk sat at the front of a classroom while we taught a group of six students about our church beliefs. Two of the students asked us if they could record our discussion and we told them that would be okay. I was shocked that not once did they try to challenge what we believed for the whole hour and half that we were there. They had amazing questions about everything we talked about and we were able to bare testimony and teach the doctrine and it was a very powerful meeting. We are going back to teach them actually tomorrow and we are going to take a member and even one of our zls with us so that we can have even more people to bare testimony. I am pretty excited because tomorrow we will teach them about the Book of Mormon and take them all a copy.

Friday we met with Alfred up on CBU campus and had a nice visit. He didn't have a lot of time but he agreed to come to church on Sunday so he could see how we congregate. He was so nice to us haha he even gave us a fruit drink that was way good. After that meeting with him we met with some of the guards for the gate in front of CBU and we taught a guy named Robert the restoration.

Saturday we taught three new investigators. The first two were Alice and Tawonga. Alice actually read the whole Restoration pamphlet and wrote questions for us in the back so we enjoyed teaching them. Next we went to see some previous investigators but got stood up so we started walking back to our flat for lunch and we passed a guy in the street and for some reason he looked really familiar so we turned back around and greeted him. Turns out I had previously ran into him with Elder Armstrong when we were on splits and we gave him a Restoration pamphlet. He actually lives fairly close to us. Anyway he told us he misplaced the other pamphlet so we gave him a new one and we read through the whole thing with us. He was understanding very well but he had a concern about modern day prophets because there are a lot of people in Africa that claim to be prophets and he doesn't think any of them are real. I shared with him Matthew 7 about how we can tell the difference between false prophets and true prophets of God and he understood very well. We then told him that he needs to pray about these questions he has just like the prophet Joseph Smith did and that if he would do this he would receive his answer.

Sunday was a really good day! We actually had 3 investigators at church this week. Alfred, Boneface, and Ester all came. Alfred came all dressed up in a suit and he was sporting his American Flag tie that he received from a colleague in the USA just for us. Haha sadly he was only able to attend sacrament meeting and then had to run to a meeting but we were so happy to see him there. Boneface gave a lot of input in our gospel doctrine class. We were talking about the Plan of Salvation and he had a lot of good questions. He also stuck around for Priesthood meeting and was vary vocal haha we were talking about missionary work and he literally "stood up" for us missionaries say that we need more help from the members so that we can bridge the language gap that occurs often. We were so surprised by this but he was spot on with what he said. He practically was speaking as member even though he currently isn't. Anyway we are going to meet with him soon and put him on date for baptism!

Well that wraps up my exciting week here in good ole Kitwe Zambia! Until next week. Sending love from Africa!!


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