November 6, 2017


Kitwe, Zambia


Elder Lusk

Helping Madagascar Missionaries Get Familiar with Zambia

Hello everyone!

Another week in the Great Zambia Lusaka Mission!

Tuesday we were still taking the new Elders around with us to get them used to life here in Kitwe. We were able to teach a new Investigator named Mac and he is a really great guy with literally hundreds of questions about our church and Religion in general. We are pretty excited about him I just hope that he will not just take the things we teach him as something academical. We also got to teach Sydney again and he is continuing to eat up everything that we teach him. We taught him the Word of Wisdom and he accepted it very well. He has committed to make the necessary changes in his life so that he will be living in accordance to this commandment. I have learned that in general a lot, if not most Zambians enjoy their tea and coffee. Also Zambia has one of the highest consumption rates of alcohol in Africa so it is pretty common when we teach the Word of Wisdom that our investigators have to make changes.

Wednesday we got to teach our good friend Mougie again and we established our purpose with him again. We told him that he needs to come to church in order to progress farther. We also went over the Word of Wisdom with him again and that went pretty well. Sadly Mougie didn't attend church again this week so we have decided that we will meet with him one last time this week and if he doesn't come to church this coming Sunday we will have to drop him... We also got to teach Maida again and we were able to do some damage control after he attended church with us last Sunday. Lets just say that church was very different the past two Sundays. Some of the members are having a hard time adjusting to some new council from the leaders of the church because it contradicts their cultural practices concerning marriage practices, so yeah we have had some interesting meetings about that. In the end we just established that we must sustain and support the leaders of the church and follow the council we have been given.

Thursday we met a new investigator named Kellys and taught him the Restoration. The lesson went very well even with 4 Elders there haha. We spent the rest of the day showing the new Elders around their area and we "tracked into a time." We met a new investigator named Nancy and she was pretty interested in the message of the Restoration. We met with her outside and while we were teaching her a storm began to brew and the winds picked up which caused the metal gate to swing open and slam against the brick wall which was very loud. Then the rain started to come and we saw lightning in the distance so we wrapped up the lesson and then headed home which was another 45 minutes away.

Friday it was just back to the normal companionships again. Me and my comp went back to Mukuba Mall to follow up with some of the people we got numbers from last week and we were very successful. First we met with a photographer named Boneface who, you guessed it, makes his living by taking pictures of people at the mall and then selling the pics to them. We met with him at the Hungry Lion because it was at least semi-quite there and we had a place to sit. We taught him the Restoration and he was very interested in it. I don't know how to describe it but I have a good feeling that he will actually read from the Book of Mormon and pray about the things we taught him. We then met with Beauty, Karen, and Evelyn and began teaching them about the Restoration right in the middle of the mall at their souvenir booth. However about half way through we got interrupted by someone who works at the mall and he told them that we should meet somewhere besides the mall hahaha so we basically got kicked out of the mall as far as for teaching so that was an fun experience. Me and Elder Lusk just had to laugh because we started reminiscing about the good times getting kicked out of Walmarts back home. 😂 Now I can say I have been kicked out of a mall in a third-world country haha. I also got sick again from either something that I ate or something else. I can't quite pin it down to what it was but oh well. It is crazy how easy it is to get a small 24-hour bug that makes you sick. I am just glad that is all it was this time.

Saturday we met a guy named Christopher that has previously been taught by missionaries but was never baptized because his Mother wouldn't let him until she became more acquainted with the Church and Book of Mormon. So me and Elder Lusk and excited to go and meet with his family and teach all of them so that he can be baptized because he is so energized and wants to become a member of our church. We also met with Sydney again and followed up with him on what we taught him on Tuesday and invited him to church again.

Sunday none of the investigators we have been teaching came to church but a new investigator came to church with one of the recent converts. The recent converts name is Peter and he is an amazing guy. We are meeting with him this week to teach him more about the Priesthood and while we are there we are hoping the teach his Father who isn't a member. Like I mentioned earlier we spent the Sunday talking about the council from the leaders of the church concerning marriage and it went better than the previous week. Then after church we introduced the new Elders to our Branch Mission Leader and his assistants and they will be able to help us out more now sense there are more missionaries in the Kitwe Branch. We also briefly talked to President Kupu in passing as we were leaving to our afternoon appointments. He traveled up to the Copperbelt for some meetings with the Branch and District Presidents. We taught a college student named Chapline the Restoration but he basically rejected our whole message so I don't how much more we will be meeting with him. He is hung up on the fact that we have Prophets today, and the church he is apart of thinks that Sabbath worship should take place another day other than Sunday, so it might have just been a one and done lesson. But after that lesson we decided we wanted to end to day on a better note than that so we tracked into a time. We followed up with a family we met previously and we taught the Mother and her 4 boys the Restoration. It was so refreshing to teach someone who was so willing to accept our message unlike the previous lesson. We could feel the Spirit apart of the lesson and it made all the difference. We were able to set up a return appointment for this coming Sunday as well so I am looking forward to going back.

This week had its ups and downs but all in all it was another good one. I am so grateful for the opportunity to be a missionary and I know that I am was called to serve here for a reason. I have already seen how I have been able to be an instrument in the Lords hand to teach his children and that is was keeps me motivated! The lesson I learned this week is that the Church is true everywhere around the world! The people may be different but the Gospel truths will never change. Until next week. Sending love from Africa!


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