October 23, 2017


Kitwe, Zambia


Elder Lusk

1st Baptism

Hey everyone!

This week was an interesting one for sure. It ended up being probably one of the slowest weeks so far. We had more dropped appointments then lessons taught and some new investigators that we were supposed to meet with but they didn't show. However we are still staying pretty optimistic and working hard.

So Tuesday we met a new investigator named Issac who I am pretty excited about! He actually sought us out which is pretty rare down here! He told us that he made up his mind a long time ago that he wanted to join the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. So one day he decided to check out and through chatting with online personnel he was able to get our number and call us. We met with him and he flat out told us, "I want to join your church. What do I need to do to become apart of your church?" Me and Elder Lusk were both taken back by his eagerness and determination to just join us we almost didn't know where to start with him! Haha so we told him we would meet together often to teach him everything he needed to know and then we gave him a Book of Mormon, (which he already knew about it's contents) and then we rescheduled another time to meet again. I am very excited to see how he progresses. He is also married and has 3 children so hopefully he will be an example to the rest of his family and they will want to progress with him.

Also Tuesday evening our Branch President, President Daka, had us over for dinner again and we ate like kings again! They always feed us until we are uncomfortably full haha but I have no problem with eating free food! First they fed us a huge plate of rice and minced (ground beef). Then just when we were feeling stuffed they brought out a rotisserie chicken for us to share. I looked at Elder Lusk and we both thought we were going to bloat if we ate it but we managed to eat a big chunk of it. Then I was able to try a local drink around here that is called Munkoyo. They make it by soaking tree roots from out in the bush in water. It pretty much tastes like someone soaked a Jicama in water and then served it to you so it wasn't the greatest but it wasn't too bad either haha I am just glad I can buy mango juice down here. Oh we are just starting to enter mango season here and I am loving it. We can buy 6 mangos for 10 kwacha so we have been enjoying them.

Wednesday we were able to meet with Mougie as usual. We meet with him twice during the week and we keep encouraging to come to church with us but he always seems to be busy so he has yet to come to church. This could cause problems considering the fact that he has to come to church several times before he can be baptized. He stills wants to be baptized but we will have to push back his scheduled date.

Thursday we were able to meet with Maida again and we introduced the Gospel of Jesus Christ. He believes everything that we have taught him so far but he has already been baptized and so there is a potential roadblock for us there. We will just have to make sure he understands why Priesthood Authority is so important and necessary. We were also able to meet with Munshya again and he is very receptive of everything we have taught him so far. He is such a smart individual and he is very engaged in our lessons so it makes it very fun to teach him. However he is currently taking a baptismal class with another church so we are hurrying to teach him as fast as we can to prevent that potential conflict. We also began teaching Zelia last week and we will be teaching her friend Richard this week. They both work at a Mini mart fairly close to our flat. We enjoy going there often, not only to see them but because they also have some of the best soft serve ice cream I have ever tasted hahaha!

Thursday evening we got to go over and have dinner with Simon and his family again. They fed us rice, chapatis, chicken, small cakes (muffins), bananas, and groundnut soup (it tastes like oily peanut butter). Me and Elder Lusk both agree that Simon is one of the nicest persons on the earth! He continues insisting that we come over more often for dinner. He said, "Any night that you don't want to cook just come on over. You are not married so you don't have anyone to cook for you, so you are welcome at our house anytime." He even officially made me apart of the family haha so now I am Bemba! My new name is Cangasa! In Bemba it means hunter, or someone who fights hard. So I feel like I took a big step in becoming one with the people this week haha!

Friday we met with Mougie again and we met his new friend Jack who is a guard for his shop. Me and Elder Lusk both bought Chitenge shirts from him and we have been rocking them at the flat haha (Pictures will come). We also met with Richard at the Riverside Mini mart and we met a new investigator named Christine. We also had to do some surveys this week for the mission tour that will be coming up soon. The mission tour is when a member of the Seventy comes to our mission and goes around to all of the areas, so this will most likely fall inline with our next zone conference.

Saturday we met with Mougie again haha he loves seeing us. Then we met a new investigator named Masa who we had previously given a Restoration pamphlet to. He is excited to learn more and he invited his girlfriend to meet with us as well as she accepted, so I am excited to start teaching both of them this week. Later in the day we met with Sydney who is another new investigator. He is a guard we ran into while tracting and he is excited to learn more. We also met with our friend Shadrack who is also investigating. Sunday Shadrack actually came to church with us and he learned a lot. In fact is was really good because he hit it off with our Branch Mission Leader, Lloyd. We are hoping that he will continue to come.

All in all it was another good week in the Great Zambia Lusaka Mission!! Until next week. Sending love from Africa!


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