October 2, 2017


Kitwe, Zambia


Elder Lusk

Week 4 in Kitwe


Another good productive week in the Copper belt! This week we were able to go proselyting on Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday. It was a successful week! We were able to teach more than tract again so that was nice. We still get to tract plenty though because we get dropped lessons everyday which can be frustrating when several drop in a row but tracting always takes up that extra time. Unfortunately I got sick with a cold on Wednesday and have been battling it all week because my energy level wasn't as high, which makes it hard in the heat, but I was still able to keep a good attitude all week and it turned out to be another good one.

Wednesday night President and Sister Kupu drove up and brought the new senior couple, Elder and Sister Lewis. The Lewis's will be running the office in the mission home in Lusaka but they were able to come and experience their first zone conference in the Copper belt with us. They are from the Eugene Oregon area, in fact Elder Lewis was the previous stake president there. They are both such amazing people and have a love for the gospel and are so excited to be serving here in Africa. The night before zone conference they came and did flat inspections and me and Elder Lusk aced the inspection, although getting them to our flat took some work haha me and Elder Lusk had to go for a little night time run all the way from our flat to the branch meetinghouse. We make that walk a lot (in fact almost everyday and sometime twice) and we usually take 30 minutes but we ran it in 9 which was a pretty good pace for being fully dressed in missionary apparel haha but it felt good to actually go running again. But sense we had such a clean flat and ran quite a ways to meet them, Sister Kupu gave us some really good chocolate cookies that she had bought for the trip.

The aps (Elder Chartier and Elder Wester) came and picked us up Thursday morning and took us to zone conference in Ndola. It is about an hour drive in a car so not too bad at all. When we got there we set up the tables and chairs in the branch meeting house there and then greeted the rest of the Elders and Sister as they arrived. We have 8 Elders and 4 Sisters in our zone so it was great to actually meet them all. In preparation to zone conference we were assigned to read Alma 5 and 42, as well as a talk entitled, Faith to teach Repentance and Baptize Converts. During the conference President Kupu talked to us about how we need to bridge the gap between conferences because there has been a trend of highs and lows. The highs being right after zone conference when everyone is fired up and working hard and the lows being the time in between after the fire lessens. President and Sister Kupu also gave us some instruction about how we should be teaching. Sister Kupu then had an activity where we read from those chapters in Alma and then role played how we can teach repentance to investigators more effectively. There is kind of a problem here because missionaries put a lot of people on date for baptism but the amount of investigators that actually get baptized is way lower. So we are going to apply the things we learned from those chapters and try our best to bridge the gap. After about 4 hours of good instruction, learning, and role playing we had a nice lunch of meat and cheese sandwiches which is actually a delicacy here hahaha because lunch meat and cheese is so expensive. So I took advantage and helped myself to 3 sandwiches. Man I took for granted a lot of food back home haha. Not that I am looking forward to going home but when I get to that point someday oh boy I am going to EAT A LOT!

So after zone conference the aps took us back to Kitwe and sense we have a empty flat next to us the aps got to use that. The next day we had splits and went out as a trio. Me and Elder Lusk were able to have the opportunity to take Elder Chartier with us and we had a lot of fun. We also got to take the truck so that was a big bonus haha! We were able to teach a few lessons and do some tracting. I have had a lot of fun getting to know Elder Chartier recently. He is a good ole farm boy from Twin Falls Idaho and he knows how to have fun! Sadly he only has 2 months left but I am glad I already got to know him so well. I have enjoyed spending time with all of the missionaries that I have met so far.

So Saturday was another day of tracting and then Sunday me and Elder Stein got to travel with the aps down to Lusaka for Immigration purposes. Along the way we got to attend church with the zls (Elder Kennedy and Elder Tshbalala) at the Luanshwa branch and watch the Saturday Afternoon session of conference which is sadly all that I have seen so far but it was so nice to be able to watch that session. There were some great speakers as you all know back home. Sunday evening we made it to the mission home here in Lusaka and were able to join all of the Elders and Sisters from both the Woodlands and Lusaka zones for a special fireside. It was good to see some familiar faces again like Elder Hansen and Elder Williams from my mtc group. It was a good fireside from a former missionary that served in this mission and now lives here with his wife. Me and 8 other Elders actually went and had dinner at there house afterwards as well so that makes my second da (dinner appointment) so far which I have been told is very low haha.

Me and Elder Stein went through Immigration this morning and have enjoyed our p-day here in Lusaka with the aps. Tomorrow morning we hop on a bus at 6 with 2 other Sisters that also came for Immigration, and about 60 other people and make the long 8.5 hour bus ride back to Kitwe again. I am excited to get back in my area and found out how everyone is progressing. I am loving serving here in Zambia! I am already biased and calling it the best mission hahaha!

Until next week. Hopefully everything is good at home! Sending love from Africa! The church is true and missionary work is the best!


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