September 25, 2017


Kitwe, Zambia


Elder Lusk

Week 3 in Kitwe Zambia

Hey everyone!! Another amazing week in the "Great Zambia Lusaka Mission!"

Before I get too much into the meat of everything going on here I just thought that I would kinda tell you how a typical day goes for us. So it's up and at it at 6:30 every morning. We get time to exercise and then we make breakfast (which is usually big because we don't always get the nicest lunch) and then we shower and get ready for the day. We have pretty flexible times to get things done around here sense we are training but usually we have personal study for an hour and then we plan out our day and do some companionship study. At 10 we go out and get right to work with either teaching or tracting. Luckily this week we were able to do more teaching than tracting because it sure is getting hot down here. We are getting more red everyday haha and I already have a nice watch tan line. My missionary collar and farmers tan lines are getting there hahaha. We usually stop at a local shop and get some biscuits (package of cookies) and a drink for lunch because it can be a long walk back to our flat for lunch just depending on where we are on a given day. Our area is very big! Sadly we will probably never get to half of it. After lunch it is back to work. We try to meet up with a member at the meetinghouse so that we can take them with us. People just seem to be a little more receptive when their is an actual member with us. We have been able to used a guy named Loyd who is the branch mission leader and he is awesome! I love working with Loyd! He is one of the coolest people I have met down here and he has a strong testimony of the church. He was converted at the age of 14 and he has been strong ever sense. We love having him teach with us and he loves it too because he is currently working on his mission papers. I am super excited for him because he will make an awesome missionary. We usually wrap up our day around 6:30 and head back to the flat because it's not technically safe to be out after dark. It's not technically dangerous either but it's mission rules. After we get back to the flat we have lots of time to make a good dinner. Oh boy we have been making some really good food! Haha there is a motto here for the missionaries and it's, "Feast or Famine" haha so when we eat, WE EAT! After dinner we have time to shower again (because we are pretty gross by the end of the day), and then we get to have free time to study some more, do some training, and if we have time, watch a church movie on a little tiny portable dvd player so that we don't go crazy haha. Lights out by 10:30 as usual, but we usually go to sleep a little earlier than that because we are usually worn out. So yeah that pretty much makes for a full day. It's a pretty good schedule and I have learned to like it. It's pretty nice to have a flexible schedule to work with.

So last week me and Elder Lusk killed it with new investigators!! We had 14 new investigators and that's all because we have put a lot of work into our area! Elder Lusk told me the most new investigators he has ever had in a week was 11 until now so that makes both of us feel really good! We had a very productive week. We are finally able to spend more time teaching rather than tracting and it is very nice. As far as our previous 9 investigators we decided to drop 3 of them for various reasons so as of right now we are consistently working with 20 people and they keep us pretty busy. Ideally we get to meet with our investigators twice during the week and then again on Sunday if they come, but the fact of the matter is that it is hard to get people to come to church. We even said that we would meet up with some of them and walk to church together but no one showed up for that so we will have to keep working on that.

Our new investigators are very promising! We met a girl named Samantha this week and oh boy she is on fire and loving what we are teaching her! She is about 30 years old and has a kid but she is actually living with her sister right now and takes care of her nieces and nephews, but here in Africa you don't call them that, you just call them your children, so yeah I learned that this week haha. She actually reads everything that we give her so we just answer any questions that she has but she is learning it all very well. She told us she left her previous church (which I won't name) because she felt like they didn't really teach about Christ anymore, rather they focused more on temporal things, so she was very interested in our message about Jesus Christ. We shared 2 Nephi 25:26 with her when we gave her a Book of Mormon and she loved it and told us she was anxious to read the whole book, so I am very excited about that!

We also got a new guard at the church whose name is Albert. He has been very interested in our church sense he watches it all day so it has been a good opportunity to teach him because we know we can always find him haha and he actually came to church all dress up on Sunday so that was awesome! He was actually the only one to come. He even told us that next week he will bring his family with him.

Oh and we are teaching these guys that own a boutique shop in Kwacha and they are hilarious to teach. Their names are Andrew and Mougie. When we are teaching them we will ask a question and they will just throw each other under the bus when they don't know the answer and it cracks me and Elder Lusk up haha like they always volunteer each other to pray and they always look at each other and one of them will be like, "Well say something my friend. He asked you a question." When really we asked it to both of them. It's just entertaining to watch them kinda compete a little.

Unfortunately I have to report that we never got to see Mpamba this week which was pretty discouraging but he told us ahead of time that he would be busy this week taking care of the house because he auntie is leaving for a while so he would be in charge. We were hoping to at least see him at church but I guess he was still busy, but we are hoping and praying that we will get to meet with him this week sometime. It's just hard to know because he doesn't have a phone and we don't know where his aunties house is.

Ah I wish that I had time to tell you about all of my investigators because they are all very different but incredible people but I just don't have that much time. I will keep you updated on how everyone is progressing though.

So far still no baptisms and we decided to take some people off date, namely Kasawa and Gabriel, until they are finally committed to being baptized. If people would just come to church...

For the upcoming week, we usually we have district meeting every Tuesday but this week we won't be having it because we actually have zone conference on Thursday, so that should be a good experience, or at least it will be a first. We are still waiting to hear were zone conference will be held but it will either be at our branch meetinghouse here in Kitwe, or it will be in Ndola which is about an hour bus ride away if the traffic is good. Also with General Conference coming up I am not sure if we will be watching it live or not because it doesn't air here until about 10pm Saturday night so I am guessing we might be watching it later. That also means that we won't be having church services this Sunday so we won't be able to judge if our investigators are coming to church until the following week. Other than all of that it should be a fairly normal week and we should be able to keep teaching like crazy.

Ps. Photos take forever to upload onto the google drive so bare with me but I will try my best to keep them coming.

That's all for this week! Hopefully everyone has a great week back home! The church is true and the work here in Zambia is amazing! Sending love from Africa!


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