January 14, 2019




Elder Jehron Baggaley

Week 62

Last week was a great, busy week! We started it with a district exchange, and then the next day Elder Baggaley and I picked up the Zone Leaders from the train station and worked until the next night when we all got on a train back to Kharkov for Zone Conference! I served with Elder Rasmussen who I knew a bit from the Spain MTC a year ago. He came with his companion Elder Rex.

It was fun to have Elder Rex with us again since he was my first companion in Zaporozhye and also, in a way, my first companion in the uncharted waters of what, at the time, was a brand-new mission to me. When I started serving with Elder Rex in Zap, I had just left my comfort zone in the remnants of the Kyiv mission in Odessa and was suddenly in a totally new environment and mission. It's been almost 6 months since then, and I've now been in this mission longer than the last! I love the Dnepropetrovsk mission. It is definitely my home now. I am grateful I could start in the Kyiv mission, though, because I was able to meet people whom I never would have met otherwise. Last week I marked one year in Ukraine! I love this country and I'm excited to keep serving the people here.

In other news, Masha is getting baptized this Saturday--as long as we can find a place for her to get baptized!! The river is frozen, our branch building (floor above a restaurant) doesn't have a font, and I can't find any big water-holding containers online, so finding a way to immerse Masha in water will be a priority this week!

Hope everyone is doing well!


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