January 7, 2019




Elder Jehron Baggaley

Week 61

Had a great week topped off by a great Sunday! So normally, every Sunday we wait outside the door to our church to welcome everyone who comes. We were looking forward to seeing three of the people we're teaching because they all said they'd come. And then it was time for church and they hadn't come, so we kind of sadly walked into the chapel, sat down, and got ready to sing the opening hymn. It was disappointing.

I felt as if no one would ever come to church because even if those who said they wanted to come wouldn't come, how were we supposed to get others to come? But our day got way better when in the opening part of sacrament meeting all three of those people actually came. They had just already gotten used to Mormon (Member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints) Standard Time! Who knew?

One of the people we're teaching is named Masha. We've been teaching her for about three weeks now, and we intended on suggesting a baptismal date this week but she beat us to it a few days ago and asked us to tell her everything we know about baptism, what happens after it, and when she can do it. The Book of Mormon has been the catalyst of her conversion and the Holy Ghost has been the real teacher. When we teach her lessons, it all comes very naturally to her and seems right and sometimes she finishes our sentences.

When we talked about certain commandments she will have to keep, she was a bit bummed about giving up coffee because she loved it, but after three seconds of silence she said, "OK, whatever, what's the next commandment?" She was reading a short summary of commandments and Elder Baggaley and I kept looking up at each other with amazed faces as she so casually decided to keep these commandments. She just knows that if the Book of Mormon is true, then Joseph Smith was a true prophet and these commandments were restored through him by God for the well-being of His children.

Today is Orthodox Christmas and there is no one on the street as of this morning, but we hope there will be some people out and about later because we want to share with people more about the God they already love!

Hope everything is good! Love y'all!

Photo Note: When it's both super humid and super cold the trees look as if their bark is white and it can get really pretty. This isn't the best picture, but use your imagination.


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