December 3, 2018




Elder Jehron Baggaley

Week 56

So this week I got to go on exchange with Elder Rowland--the first person I"d met after I became a missionary! It went super well. We decided to write on a whiteboard "Free English with American Missionaries" then walk around passing out cards for it and people loved us. It was a nice change of pace. Usually when we go contacting very few people are excited to talk to us, but when we offered free English we became instant celebrities. People loved us and smiled at us as we walked by and it was great.

They especially loved when Elder Rowland danced on a patch of black ice he had found in the middle of a big walking street in the town's center. More importantly, it made an 18-year-old dude come up and talk to us. We started talking about the gospel and he really wanted to read The Book of Mormon. Since we were close to the branch/church, we just walked there together, gave him a tour of the building, taught him the Restoration with emphasis on questions he had already asked, and gave him a Book of Mormon, then got lunch with him and talked more about religion. We asked about any potential obstacles in the way of baptism, and he shared with us that both his father and uncle are Orthodox priests. So that might complicate things. We will see. Hopefully everything works out!

In other news, we are preparing a Christmas song to sing at a few different venues, like zone conference, sacrament meeting on the 23rd, and a retirement home we'll be stopping by soon. We'll sing "What Child is This"--in Russian, of course. So that'll be cool.

We met a couple women yesterday while contacting after church and they had heard some funny stuff about Mormons. They had heard that we couldn't hang curtains over our windows, use technology, or live in big cities. We had a really fun conversation with them for about 20 minutes, and though they weren't super interested in hearing about our church, they definitely went away from that thinking that Mormons, or more accurately, members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, are pretty awesome. ;)

Love y'all! Do good things for yourselves and others this holiday season!


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