November 26, 2018




Elder Jehron Baggaley

Week 55

We had an awesome Thanksgiving thanks to the Fasts, the senior couple living down the street from us here in Sumy! They somehow managed to buy a turkey at an outdoor market, Elder Fast made his secret stuffing, and we had the most American thanksgiving one could have--all things considered.

Other than that, we've finally seen a little bit of fruit come from our hours of talking to people on the street! Someone we talked to a week ago came to English practice and wanted a Book of Mormon. Then on Friday, Elder Baggaley and I were talking to people on the street when Elder Baggaley had a feeling that we had to go talk to a man standing on the bridge relaxing and drinking his coffee. We did, and when he turned to look at us, I was surprised at how excited and open he seemed to talk to us! Don't get me wrong, we eventually see that side of the people here after a half-minute of conversation, but getting such a warm greeting right out of the gates was new. Anyway, he ate up everything we told him and said he was super interested and hopefully we'll be meeting with him tomorrow or the day after! Stuff is happening here in Sumy!

We also had our first snow of the year. Not a ton, but enough to make us break out our winter boots! President Wirthlin came to our church service yesterday and took us out to breakfast this morning at McDonalds, so that was pretty great.

Christmas season is here, and we decorated our apartment with all the decorations that have been left from 18 years worth of elders living in this very apartment. So you can say we're pretty festive right now!

Hope all is well back at home and that you all had great Thanksgivings! Love ya!


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