October 15, 2018




Elder Jordan Spriggs

Week 49

Hello faithful readers of Elder Archbold's underwhelming blog! This week is a special week because I actually remembered to take a picture! We had a lesson with a man who goes by Nick, but it wasn't a conventional lesson. We went to a park Saturday morning and talked about God and families as we ran laps and did workouts on the bars there! At one point, we even opened up the scriptures and read from them in between sets of a pretty rigorous ab workout. Nick loved it, but unfortunately didn't feel ready to take a Book of Mormon because he felt he couldn't commit 100% of his time to God. He wants to continue talking to us, though, whether while sitting or running, so we're excited about that! He also told us that the leaves on an island in the middle of our river here were beautiful this time of year, so we'll go there today and watch some traditional Ukrainian sword fighting while we're at it, haha!

We also went to a circus on ice on Saturday and it was pretty impressive. Eastern Europeans are amazing at anything involving figure skating or gymnastics, and we got to sit back and watch while they did stuff on ice that I can't do on normal ground. We couldn't take pictures, though, because it was forbidden, and they had some very persistent guards looking out for cameras.

We got to watch general conference! For the first time in my life, I tried thinking of and writing down questions I had so I could go into conference more prepared. I got lots of answers to some questions, and learned great things about other stuff, too! When we show God that we're ready to learn, he opens the floodgates and gives it to us. If you haven't watched yet, go watch it!

Hope all is well!


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