October 8, 2018




Elder Jordan Spriggs

Weeks 47 and 48

Week 47:

Good week! I want to write about a new person who we're teaching. Last week, we planned on going onto the street and contacting. We were going to do a route we normally do, until during personal study I had a feeling we should mix it up a bit. We rode a marshrutka to a park 20-ish minutes from home, and after finishing a conversation with one man, another man came out of nowhere and asked us for a Book of Mormon. Once upon a time, he had one, but it was stolen, he said. So we sat down with him and told him a bit about the Book of Mormon.

He wanted us to tell him everything, so we had to tell him that he's got to read the book himself, haha! We were unsure about how ready he was to meet up with us in the future and talk about God because he was a bit hung over and really dirty, but we had a good restoration lesson with him in our church building, and he was perfectly sober and clean.

He then came to church yesterday in a full suit and looked surprisingly sharp! He felt the Spirit at church, already said he'll be there next week, and is hoping to meet with us sometime this week. This was a great reminder to us to give everyone at least a few chances and to not judge too harshly at first.

President Wirthlin was at church with us yesterday, and we had interviews with him. He also sat in on our companionship study this morning which was a cool experience. Tomorrow, we will have Zone Conference here in Zaporozhye, and after that we'll have exchanges with the Zone Leaders, also here in Zap. So it'll be a busy next few days. Hope everyone is well!

Week 48:

A lot happened this week! We had interviews with President Wirthlin, Zone Conference, and then an exchange with the Zone Leaders. I was with Elder Argyle. He's a cool, basketball-playing dude from Hooper, Utah, and his Russian is pretty great because he has done his best to speak almost only Russian for a long time now. He gave me a bit of motivation to do that myself, so we'll see to what degree I try it out.

Other cool stuff . . . on Monday we were contacting in a park and I met a four-legged beagle named Archie! He looked a lot like a beagle, but he must have some other blood in him because he actually played fetch with me, and, as far as I know, beagles aren't into the whole fetch thing. But the next day, I told one of our potential investigators about this story, and he knew the dog I was talked about and identified him by name before I even said it! This guy also has a beagle! Apparently there's a group of beagle owners in this town who occasionally get together in a park, so I'll try to infiltrate it and bring pictures of my dog as proof that I belong, haha!

Another cool thing is that we finally started teaching a friend we've been wanting to teach for a long time. He excitedly took a Book of Mormon and asked for one for his dad, too.

A family we found in the park came to English practice, and after we gave the mom a Book of Mormon, some of our sisters planned a meeting with her for the next day. Turns out it was a Spirit-filled, tear-jerking lesson, and now the mother wants to be baptized!

Last thing. We had to help the sisters a few times this week, and one time we had to go towards their apartment which is far away. We got lost and asked a family for directions. After that, we started talking about the Book of Mormon and gave them one and got their number, so we hope to teach them soon! Hope life is good! Love y'all.


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