September 24, 2018




Elder Jordan Spriggs

Week 46

Hello All! This was a fun week because I got a new companion and our district got two greenies! My companion is Elder Spriggs. He is from Missouri but lived in Saudi Arabia for a year or two immediately before coming on his mission. He has spent his whole mission in the north--in cities like Sumi and Kharkov.

One interesting thing I learned about the work in those cities is that missionaries never contact with the Book of Mormon. I guess they just found it to be ineffective there. The cities have been bombarded by missionaries of other faiths recently, so the locals aren't too receptive to gospel contacting and the missionaries try other ways to find people. Elder Spriggs' first time contacting with the Book of Mormon was this week, and we gave out 3 of them, so that was pretty awesome.

On Saturday we had a picnic with our branch's priesthood group and it was also pretty awesome. We grilled us some tasty shashlik, tossed a frisbee around, and played a tiny bit of volleyball with the soccer ball we brought. It was also a good chance to talk to one of our nonmember friends who came.

The activities we do here are great ways to help us build relationships with people. It makes it so that it's more natural to teach them about the Gospel, because we're already good, close friends. We found some people on the street this week, and we got closer to potential investigators at our activities, so we hope to be teaching soon!

I finally bought an SD card for my camera about an hour ago, so it's finally functional. Maybe I'll have pictures next week!

Hope you're all doing well.


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