September 3, 2018




Elder Miles Rex

Week 43

Hello, People! There's not much to write about this week, except that I almost got to play some soccer! One of our investigators likes playing pickup soccer and we were going to play with him next Wednesday night, but the Zone Leaders called and want to do their exchange with us in their city on Wednesday. Sigh.

Just realized that I wrote about this upcoming week instead of the week that has actually happened . . . OK. One cool thing that happened is we threw a vareniki party Saturday night and had a fairly decent turnout. The investigators we wanted to come didn't, but we found two new ones there so it all worked out! Shout out to all the Babushki in the branch for helping us prepare so much food!

I really can't think of much else. Life is a lot more chill in this town than the other places I've been. Oh! We had interviews with our mission president this week, and he then took us out to lunch. That was pretty fun! He told us all about caviar. When he lived in Russia, he could buy super, super nice caviar for dirt cheap prices and he got hooked on it. When he returned to the US, it was expensive all of a sudden. He's hoping he'll be able to find his caviar here in Ukraine and then have us all try it at a zone conference or something, haha.

School starts for everyone today, and because we work with lots of youth in this town, I'm curious as to how the work will go. I guess I'll let you know in the next few weeks.

Love ya!


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