August 27, 2018




Elder Miles Rex

Week 42

Can't really think of anything crazy that happened this week. It was quite the normal week. One thing missionaries have been doing here for years every Thursday at 2:30 is visiting an old lady who can't (or just doesn't want to) leave the apartment. We bring the sacrament to her, read a chapter from the Book of Mormon together, sing, and all that jazz. It is in the same order every time, haha! She is adamant about how meetings are conducted. This week was tithing week, and I was privileged to be the Elder to take care of it for her. I was told afterward that only sisters ever do it, so maybe I'm the chosen one. I'm flattered, really.

I promise my highlight of the week wasn't being appointed to the great honor of putting some greven in an envelope. I only just remembered that on Friday Ukraine celebrated their Independence Day, and it was a party! To celebrate, the sisters made banana bread and brownies, and we went to a busy place and gave them, along with Books of Mormon, out as gifts. We also wore traditional Ukrainian clothes. Elder Rex and I had to borrow shirts because we didn't have anything! We'll try to buy something soon. The sisters were awesome and every Book of Mormon ended up being passed out in two hours, and we celebrated like true Ukrainians on Ukrainian Independence Day by going to a burger place and ordering in Russian.

School is going to start back up here for everyone September 1, and I know school has already started in some places in the U.S. Good luck to all you poor souls out there who have to return to doing homework everyday!

Love ya!


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