August 20, 2018




Elder Miles Rex

Week 41

Not too much time today--plus I can't think of too much to write about. I've gotten comfortable in my new area, so I'm operating at 100% and that's always thrilling! This week we had a zone conference with Elder Christoffel Golden (General Authority Seventy) and it kind of turned into a Mission Conference because at the last second he invited every zone (except Odessa because he already visited them). Somehow, despite the late notice, everyone could make it to Dnepr, and we had a big conference. I was a stranger to many (haha!), but I got to meet a bunch of people, so it was a good way for me to become more a part of this new mission.

Random detail about last week is that it got super hot--almost 100 degrees--combined with humidity, too. I'm looking at the weather right now, and it looks like it shouldn't get that high ever again. I'm excited for the moderate weather of Fall--especially because Spring was nonexistent this year.

Elder Golden said something along these lines at our conference this week: "An understanding of our true worth as a child of God outshines any vain ambition that any man could conceive for himself." Many of us know that we are children of God, but sometimes it's difficult to actually apply it to ourselves and let that knowledge change our lives. I know that I myself am still trying to tap into the eternal and unconditional self value that this concept entails. I'm confident that if we learn to understand what being a child of God means for us, it will give us more happiness and validation than any earthly reward could.

Love you all!


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