July 9, 2018




Elder Bevan Rawson

Weeks 34 and 35

Sorry I didn't write last week; I had a lot going on. I owed 50,000 greven (about $2,000) to three Ukrainian landlords, didn't have money for my own food, and had been getting hit with 20 phone calls a day--almost all in Russian. And there was plenty more than just that. A lot was going on because it was a huge transition period, and I was caught up in the middle of it and got thrown under the bus plenty of times. I made plenty of my own mistakes, too. We were doing so many extra little things every day that we barely had any time to do missionary work. In short, I had the most stressful week of my life and was just getting beat up.

Thankfully, things have turned around. In the last few days, we've found about 10 solid potential investigators, a few of whom are actually really excited to meet with us to talk about the Book of Mormon, Joseph Smith, and the restored gospel of Jesus Christ.

That alone is enough to make any missionary here in Ukraine happy, but to add to it, lots of the problems from last week have been taken care of or are in the process of being taken care of! Also, this new mission encourages missionaries to go to a gym in the mornings, and we found one that's a 2-minute jog away that had a half-off sale for this month! It was pretty awesome to wake up every morning and get back to hitting the gym.

Today, we played a lot of soccer with other missionaries, half of whom played competitively in America and one who was on the Norwegian development team (so, basically, he's really good). Elder Rawson and I both love soccer and were able to hang with them despite our legs being amazingly sore after our first leg day in half a year!

On Sunday, the branch president came up to me 25 minutes before sacrament meeting and told me he needed me to give a talk about missionary work for about 10 minutes. It was not easy, but I did it, and it actually went pretty darn well!

It's crazy how one week you can feel like garbage and that you can't do anything right and even feel like you want to go home, and then in a few days you can feel great and that terrible week is out of sight/out of mind. That's what happened with me these last two weeks.

Something my new mission president told me was that after our biggest trials come the biggest miracles. He was right, because after the longest, most difficult period of my mission, we found tons of people to teach in just one day, and a few more the next few days. Elder Rawson and I are getting ready to teach lots of first lessons this week!

Hope everyone is doing well!


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