June 4, 2018




Elder Charles Schaumann

Week 30

This was an eventful week! We caught a thief in our church and had to wait for the higher-ups to deal with him, and then we took an 8-hour train to Kyiv for Zone Conference and then an All-Mission Conference! Brother Tad R Callister spoke to us and it was really neat. He helped us learn how to better teach the Atonement.

Not much time today, so just a quick message

In the last two weeks we've met people—even former missionaries—who are now no longer members of the Church, and it's pretty disheartening. I understand why some people fall away. Life can get hard, and sometimes it feels like there isn’t a God. But there is one, and you can have that reassurance if you remember to do the small things every day—like read the Book of Mormon and talk to your loving Heavenly Father through prayer.

President Nelson gave an awesome devotional to the youth of the church, and there were some great tips given on how to live well, many of which (if not all) can be applied to our “old” peoples' lives as well. By the way, there were a few things he said that I had said verbatim before and had been doing while in high school, so I guess I'm just an old man at heart. Lol!

Love you all!

Note: Ralph sends home NO photos, so I grab all of these from the mission's parent FB page. Brother Vogelsberg, one of the senior couple missionaries, snaps them all--usually during big meetings or gatorball. He said Ralph is a master dribbler (who'd a thunk) in gatorball and had 2 headers in this week's game (he regretted not getting those on film) worth 3 (the most) points each. The soccer will always come out! I'm intrigued by the photos of Ralph using his hands, though. They fascinate me because they're so . . . wrong!


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