May 14, 2018


Bila Tserkva


Elder Ethan Hamilton

Week 27

Well everyone, I've got news. I have been reassigned to the Ukraine Dnepropetrovsk Mission (in the south-eastern part of Ukraine).

When the Kyiv mission absorbs the L'viv and Moldova missions, it will be leaving the Odessa zone behind for the Dnepropetrovsk mission. The only way to make missionary work possible there for the new missionaries is to have experienced missionaries staying behind to show them around. I, and the rest of my MTC district (Elders Ellis, Rowland, and Tripp), have been assigned to do this.

Tomorrow I'll get on a train to Odessa so I can get used to the city and be ready to help new missionaries do the same exact thing. But, instead of just showing the Dnepro missionaries the ropes and going back to my Kyiv missionaries, I'll simply be adopted as a Dnepro missionary. Starting sometime in late June, I will have to say goodbye to the Ukraine Kyiv Mission.

Obviously, part of me is very sad about all this. I have come to get to know a lot of these missionaries pretty well, and I was looking forward to spending another year and a half with them. I have already come to love the Kumfermans (mission president, his wife, and his teenage daughter), and now I'll have to say goodbye to them, too. I was just getting warmed up in the amazing city of Bila Tserkva, but now I have to head on out. This mission has a temple, and the next won't.

At the same time, as sad as it is, I know that it's not about me. This is the Lord's work, and I am ready to go wherever I'm assigned. As much as I'll miss the Ukraine Kyiv Mission, I'm ready to work hard in the Ukraine Dnepropetrovsk Mission.

In other news, while contacting in the park, we met an old man who was a Soviet submarine officer a loooong time ago, haha! He told us that he had been hovering off the coast of Norfolk for months at a time with 24 nuclear missiles--ready at any moment to blow up half the United States.

I told him that my dad had done similar things, only the Soviet Union had already collapsed at that point, so there was no need. This old man was actually super nice, so he wasn't trying to hate on the US or anything, he was simply telling us a cool story while we were talking.

I hope everyone is doing well! Love ya

Photos: me and my family (including the reflection of Champ) on Mother's Day; Elder Hamilton and I did service here last week; our Russian-tutor friend, Vova, on P-day (P-day = Preparation Day = the day we run errands, play, shop, etc.)


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