April 9, 2018


Bila Tserkva


Elder Ethan Hamilton

Week 22

So this week went waaaay better than I could have ever expected. First off, my new companion, though young in terms of service, has some pretty good Russian, so we can definitely survive. But we're not just surviving here, we're thriving! We use all of our time effectively, have already found plenty of people who are interested in the Gospel, our branch is strong and loves to help with missionary work, this town is pretty, and, yeah, life is good. We go to bed every night knowing we did the best we could and that's the best way to live.

My new companion is Elder Ethan Hamilton from Pleasant Grove, Utah. He's 19, has been in the field 6 months, and his Russian is better than a typical missionary who's been out that long. He's like me in that he's here to work hard, be obedient, and forget himself in order to better help others, so this companionship is going to do really well.

Honestly, the only bad parts about this area and this experience are that our apartment isn't all that great, and our first few days here we were flooded with information about the area. It was a tiny bit stressful to try to pick up where other missionaries left off while being brand new to the area. But really, the apartment is good enough, we cleaned and organized it a bit today to make it even better, and the info overload is over because we've soaked it all in and now we own this town! Haha.

I can confidently say that there will be miracles in this city in the next 5 weeks. Elder Hamilton and I work hard, are obedient, rely on the Lord, and are doing our best, and that's what is asked for us. I don't know what these miracles will look like, but they'll come, and they'll help people.

Love ya!


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