March 26, 2018


Chernigov, Ukraine


Elder Daniel Neuffer

Week 20

This last week was pretty good. The weather was gorgeous! All week it's been sunny with no clouds, and we're all the way up to highs of 0 degrees Celsius! Ukraine's daylight savings was yesterday, so now we can enjoy the sunshine even more. Spring is finally coming to Ukraine!

When I wrote last week, I was in Kyiv. We stayed in Kyiv another day and a half after that for a mini-MTC for trainees and other younger missionaries. We learned lots of great stuff, but one of the most exciting parts was seeing some of the Elders I was with in the MTC for the first time in 10 weeks. Besides that, I also got to see some of the missionaries who came in a few months before me, and they seem pretty solid. Us young missionaries will have to step up soon because we're losing lots of missionaries in the next few months. After this mini-MTC, we had zone leader exchanges and that went well.

Something super exciting that happened this week: Elder Neuffer and I were contacting on the way home from a visit to a member, and we stopped and talked to a lady about the Book of Mormon. She seemed pretty interested, took the Book of Mormon, and we exchanged numbers. Usually, we wait about a day before we call the people we meet on the street, but she beat us to it by calling us that night! That's huge because no one EVER calls us; we always call them. She said that she told her daughter about us and that now she and her daughter and her daughter's family are interested in meeting and learning more! We're working on finding a good time to meet this week and we're hopeful that it'll go well! Even better, a kid in our branch is getting baptized on Saturday, so we'll be able to invite all our investigators (including this new family) so they can attend the service and feel the Spirit!

Love you all and hope you're doing well!

Photo descriptions:
1) Reese's--because you can find lots of American candies here, but you can't find Reese's.
2) I got my first package from home!
3) I've never seen this much coal before! I've always been amazed by the industrial revolution which was defined by trains and coal, so I thought this was really cool.
4) Flea market two weeks ago on a rainier day--featuring one of many stray dogs here.
5) Delicious Georgian food (the country, not the state)!


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