March 19, 2018


Chernigov, Ukraine


Elder Daniel Neuffer

Week Nineteen

So nothing too crazy happened this week, but the weather fooled us. We thought we were coming up on Spring and then BOOM, we got hit by inches and inches of snow and -10 degree weather this weekend, haha! So suffice it to say I don't understand the weather in Ukraine and also don't trust the weather forecasts further than 5 days out.

Today, I'm spending Pday in Kyiv! It's been super fun! Today we've already gone bowling in this 10-story mall in the middle of Kyiv, and I'll just say that I haven't bowled in a while, lol! Also, Adidas and Nike are still expensive, so I'll just buy knockoffs at our local flea markets because, in all honesty, the knockoffs are pretty good, and they're like a third of the price.

Anyway, we got into Kyiv last night. After not having seen another elder (besides Elder Neuffer) for two weeks, I saw three companionships at a church activity. After not having seen a sister for about a month, I saw three companionships at this same activity. After having been in a branch of 25 active members for my whole time in Ukraine, I saw a choir of at least 40 members practicing songs for their stake Easter event. A stake has about a thousand people in it.

I write all of this to show that the church is growing in Ukraine and is actually pretty big. I had only seen my tiny branch way up north, so that's how I thought the church was in all of Ukraine. Turns out, the church is flourishing here! This Gospel is true, and more and more people are beginning to see that.

Love you all!

Note: the photos are from Ralph's companion's last letter. Ralph sent none this week, so I got to pick for him. Am I right? Overall, Ralph has enjoyed the food in Ukraine. This photo shows an exception! The other is a church (Chernigov is full of them) they visited in the last couple weeks.


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