February 5, 2018


Chernigov, Ukraine


Elder Daniel Neuffer

Week Thirteen

So this week we were all over northern Ukraine. We had exchanges in Kyiv with the zone leaders and then exchanges in Brovary with our district. I learned a lot from both.

In Kyiv, I was with Elder Reese and it was extremely humbling. We practiced teaching an RM from the L'viv Mission and I once again realized how much Russian I still have to learn. That same evening, Elder Reese and I were practicing teaching a member couple, and when he asked me to pick up where he left off on the Plan of Salvation lesson, I had to tell him that I simply didn't know how to explain the next part in Russian. He continued and I joined in on another part, but that was another very humbling moment. Don't worry, I had fun too! Ha ha!

We got schuarma (my first time), and we made fajitas with homemade tortillas (which were delicious) for dinner. Also, our apartment has a view of the Kyiv Dynamo stadium, so that was fun for me! But yes, at the very end of the day, I was really worried about the condition of my Russian and almost in a bit of despair.

The next day, we took a bus to Brovary and I was on exchange with Elder Beckett who has been in the field about 4 months. For personal study, I studied Ether 12:27. I had read it many times before, but this time I spent an hour on it and all the verses that the footnotes led me to. I learned that the Lord chooses the weak to confound the mighty and the foolish to confound the wise. I learned that through Him the weak things of the world say "I am strong!" I learned that His strength is made perfect in weakness. This hour spent on Ether 12:27 was one of the greatest personal studies I've had on the mission.

That evening, we went to the middle of Brovary, set up shop, and went our separate ways around the square to contact. In an hour, with my simple Russian, I gave out two Books of Mormon and got some phone numbers from some other interested people. I've been humble for a looong time because of this mission, but once I learned that I could turn this humility into strength, the Lord showed His power through me. I firmly believe that if we recognize our weaknesses (and, as the verse reads, our overall weakness), we will come closer to Christ, and if we try our best to improve, He will help us.

I love you all and wish the best for you!


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