January 13, 2018

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Ukraine Kyiv Mission Office

Mailing Instructions for Ukraine Kyiv Missionaries

Very Important— Do Not Put The Words “Ukraine Kyiv Mission” on PACKAGES. If you put “Ukraine Kyiv Mission” as part of the address, they think it is coming to a business and customs charges are so high that the package will be returned to you.
(Exception: Pouch Mail – See Below)

When you mail Packages, PLEASE KEEP THEM SMALL. Larger boxes could be sent through Roxolana or Meest. Along with all their own bags and books, missionaries must often carry the packages and letters on public transportation and then on foot to other missionaries, many who live in outlying areas. It is better to send two small packages rather than one large one. Put your Missionary’s first and last name on the package. Do not require your missionary’s signature in order to pick up the package.

We find the U.S. Postal Service small priority mail flat rate boxes or envelopes work well for packages.; or USPS "Ready Post" boxes; or just use your own box – write (print) clearly. Please be aware that packages sent through U.S. Mail to the address below should reflect a customs value of less than $99 – a higher value will be charged at least $100 customs fee. Your missionary will have to pay this fee to obtain the package. Please remember any package sent across U.S. borders is subject to possible opening and inspection by Customs. When declaring items, be general and simple. Examples: “supplies,” “household items” and “personal items.” You may be asked to list the items included, if so, list. Do NOT bother to insure, as you could never collect over here. Packages usually take several weeks to arrive. We do not recommend express services.

Other reliable carriers are Roxolana and Meest. Parents can contact them for information.
2200 Route 10 West, Suite 104
Parsippany, NJ 07054
fax: 973-538-3899

609 Commerce Rd
Linden, NJ 07036
Use this address for ALL LETTERS AND PACKAGES :

(Your Missionary’s first and last name)
vul. Yabluneva 1
s. Sofiivska Borshahivka
Kyevo-Svyatoshinskiy rayon
Kyivska oblast 08131
POUCH MAIL - Mail from home to Ukraine-
Any mail/letters sent from home through the Church Pouch to your missionary must be a single sheet of copy paper (lined notebook paper is too flimsy) folded in thirds with the open section up where the stamp is. You can only use one sheet of paper. Tape the open end at the top with one or two small pieces of tape. Stamp and address as follows: The missionary’s name, Ukraine Kyiv Mission, P.O. Box 30150, Salt Lake City, UT 84130-0150. (For Pouch Mail, using the name of the Mission is very important as all the missions have the same P.O. Box in Salt Lake City.) Some families use “” (A free service which uses the Pouch Mail.)


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