January 4, 2018


Madrid Spain MTC


Elder Nathaniel Decker

Week Eight

I only have 5 more days here at the CCM! On Tuesday, January 9, we leave for the airport at 3 in the morning, haha! That´ll suck. Those who are going to the other Ukraine Mission have a 7-hour layover in Kiev. Suckerss.

Nothing super fantastic comes to mind when I think about what happened this last week. Dang! I just realized I´m a boring e-mailer. So one thing that happened was Elder Rowland got a soccer ball to the face when a keeper tried to clear the ball from a mess in front of the goal. They called an ambulance and he went to the hospital, but it really wasn´t that bad. He´s fine now. He was given some pain killers, and he crushed them up before he took them. He didn´t realize what that would do to him, and thanks to a full gram of painkillers going into his body at once he was sooo high all night. His roommates had a hard time keeping track of him. Lol!

On New Year´s we were awakened by World War III. Everyone and their dog were blowing up fireworks and it actually sounded like a war zone, so they know how to party here in Madrid.

I go out into the field very soon. I´m really excited for this next step because as much as I love the CCM, i feel like if I´m going to learn anything new, I´m going to have to do it in the field. My biggest fears are not being able to hear the language very well and being a burden on my companion. Hopefully hearing the language will come, seeing that I´ll be surrounded by it. And as for my companion, he´ll have to be creative in finding ways for me to help him as opposed to hindering him.

It´s crazy that it´s been 8+ weeks here... Sometimes I forget that I´m 10,000 miles from home and that I´m living in Madrid. It can be hard to wrap your mind around it, at least for me.

Today we go to the Madrid temple for the last time, so that could be emotional. We also get to go to the Prado, so I´m super excited for that!

Our prophet, Thomas S. Monson, passed away around a day ago. We found out yesterday morning. Of course, it´s sad, seeing that he was the prophet of my developmental years, but in the end we´re all so happy for him because he gets to see his Heavenly Father, his Savior, and his wife and family. We are so blessed to know about the plan of salvation, and I´m excited to share it with the people of Ukraine in less than a week! Love you all!


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