December 21, 2017


Madrid Spain MTC


Elder Nathaniel Decker

Week Six

Hey everyone, so i can´t write much today because technical difficulties have left me with little time, but I just wanted to say Merry Christmas! I hope everyone has a great Christmas this year! And with my limited time I will share one story from this week:

On our way back from proselyting at the park (Mom/Editor's note: this is the Parque del Buen Retiro; stock internet photos added by me) , I saw an African family on the metro. It was a husband, wife, and two little girls who were about 3 and 5. They reminded me of the family my sister came to love in Paris while she was on her mission, and so through the transitive property of love, I already loved this family. I knew my sister would´ve talked to them, so I decided to do the same. So I went over to some of the Spanish teachers who were with us on the train and tried to recruit them to come talk to this family with my companion and me, but they said no! After I told them that this was important and that a family´s salvation was potentially at stake here, they told us that we were the missionaries, so we had to do it. I was going to argue more, or forcibly bring them with me, when I got an impression to just stop arguing and go talk to the family.

We walked over to them, asked them how they were in bad Spanish, and they told us they didn´t speak Spanish. Turns out, they spoke French. When I told them I spoke French aussi, they got really excited, and we talked about how my sister served in France and came to love the people. But only a minute into the conversation, we arrived at their stop. I gave a quick testimony to them and handed them a French Book of Mormon that I´d had prepared for weeks. It had a pamphlet about the restoration in the front cover and a few of the scriptures were marked, and I´d been waiting forever to hand it out. To my delight, the husband and the wife reached for it simultaneously and gratefully accepted it. I know that it was the Holy Ghost which flooded my mind with memories of my sister´s mission to France when I looked at this family, and I´m so thankful that I listened to that prompting and acted on it. Not only that, but my rusty French was most definitely helped by the gift of tongues so I could communicate with this family and share with them that which makes me happy. This church is true, and this work is guided by divine power.

I love you all, Merry Christmas!!!


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