December 7, 2017


Madrid Spain MTC


Elder Nathaniel Decker

Week Four

This week was another good one! We’ve gotten to know our new missionaries better and we get closer every day. Our district is getting better at Russian and we finally seem to be confident in our ability to learn the language, though we know it’ll take some time.

Last week for pday we went to Alcala, the town of the writer Cervantes. It was super cool and we saw what life would’ve been like for the guy. It was also nice to be out of the MTC and on some quaint, little, cobblestone European streets. I got some hot chocolate, and it was pretty good, but nothing amazing. They do it differently here--their hot chocolate is just melted chocolate. Pure melted chocolate! Haha. If you don’t drink it quickly enough, it just solidifies in your cup and you eat it instead of drink it, but if you drink it too quickly you’ll burn your tongue! Figuring this out is necessary for winter in Europe.

Here’s a picture of the sunrise as I type this email. It’s what we see every morning from the window in our classroom. Pretty cool, huh? Two minutes after I took this it got more spectacular and everyone in the building is taking pictures, so unfortunately I can’t get another. You’ll have to use your imagination or find one of their blogs lol. Update: got more pics, пожалуйста

In all honesty, I don’t have much else to write about. We’re all continuing to learn Russian and learn how to better teach the gospel. Our purpose is “to invite others to come unto Christ,” and that’s what we’re learning to do better every day. I’m so excited to learn more every day and I’m doing my best so that I can be a useful instrument in the Lord’s hands.

Oh, I did get a haircut. And today for pday we’re going to the Madrid naval museum which is on the ground floor of the Spain naval academy. Don’t ask me why their naval academy is hundreds of miles from the ocean. I don’t know. Love you all!


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