November 23, 2017


Madrid Spain MTC


Elder Nathaniel Decker

Week Two

This week was pretty much the same as last week. That’s how it’ll be here at the mtc—for 9 long weeks.

Last week I emailed right before we got to go out in Madrid, so I’ll update you on that. We went to a lighthouse-turned-observation deck and saw all of Madrid and where all the kings of old used to hang out and where in the distant mountains they built passes for their errands. It was pretty dope. Also, Madrid has two massive parks in the middle of it, so think NYC Central Park in Madrid x2. We then went to the American Museum and saw plenty of gold and Aztec weapons, so all the guys were excited, haha. Oh, also Madrid has an arch in the middle of their city, too. I guess having a big old arch at the center of your roundabout is a requirement for a European capital. The one in Paris is bigger btw.

Soccer was dope again, but there are some kids who play a little rough to compensate for not knowing how to play. Takes a lot from me to do nothing when I’m getting a shoulder lowered into me. We’ll see if I can make it 9 weeks (haha), but for the most part everyone does well at keeping our football matches low key.

This mtc is so small that we can potentially meet with the MTC President everyday. That’s definitely not an opportunity provided to the kids in Provo because there’s 3,500 of them. Suckers lol. I’ve been meeting with our Prez recently because I’m having a bit of a hard time transitioning to only being outside 1 hour out of the day. I’m excited to get out because then I’ll be outside for a lot of the day.

Our Russian is getting better. Slowly. All the companionships have taught 7 lessons so far and it sounds like everyone’s learning a lot. In 7 weeks we’re going to be Russian pros.

I got some nasty blisters on my feet because my $15 shoes are meant for distance running, not soccer. But today we’re going to buy some soccer shoes! We’re also going to have an American Turkey Bowl in the spirit of Thanksgiving, so that’ll be fun. I’ll have to relax on my routes because of the blisters. Hopefully that’ll give the other team’s secondary a chance (lol jk)!

I’m sorry, you guys, I’m so bad at pictures. I only have a few from last week’s pday. But here at the mtc I’ve learned the importance of goal setting and commitments, so I’m committing myself to get pictures of 1) the pit 2) dia 3) the cage and 4) temple square. You all can hold me accountable (Note: I suggested he send a couple of his companion’s photos, so there are three attached).

I know that what I’m doing here is important work. I’m helping people be happy and come closer to their Heavenly Father and His Son Jesus Christ. It can be hard here because it’s so busy and it’s such a grind, but I genuinely believe that it’ll benefit others and that’s what keeps me going.

I hope everyone at home is doing well, and I wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Старейшина Арчболд
(Elder Archbold)


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