November 16, 2017


Madrid Spain MTC


Elder Nathaniel Decker

Week One


So these last 10ish days have been pretty great! The flight was very boring, considering we couldn’t listen to or watch anything. I just listened to Mozart and tried not to fall asleep so that jet lag wouldn’t be as bad. I didn’t meet any missionaries until the flight from Amsterdam to Madrid. Also, I had to run to catch my flights because of the tight schedule.

So our district is made up of six elders and three sisters. Three of us elders have been to college and are 19.5, 19.5, and 20, and the other three are straight out of high school and are 18. So I’m an old man. We’re all going to Kyiv except one elder (my companion Elder Decker) and a sister. They’re going to the other Russian-speaking Ukraine Mission.

Our days are very busy and there isn’t as much time to study Russian as I’d like because at the moment we’re using it all to plan our lessons, which are in Russian. We’ve already taught three. The atmosphere here is super cool because there’s only like 60 kids here, so we know every other missionary. Also, we know our teachers super well already. There’s five Russian teachers who rotate between the two Russian districts.

It’s such a cool experience to be in Madrid. We live on temple square, and our flights of stairs have huge windows on every floor that give a view of the square, the temple, and a decent skyline. The sunsets here are gorgeous every night, probably because a little bit of smog helps enhance the colors--haha! [Mom note: I added stock photos from the internet.]

It’s the coolest thing ever to play street soccer every day during exercise time. There are two places within a quarter mile radius of temple square. They’re both dope and I’ll send pics when I get them. We can only take pics on P-Day and today is our first one. And because we only just got back from the temple, there’s been no opportunity to take pics. But yeah we go to the temple every Thursday morning! And then we email, and then we go out into Madrid and do fun stuff in the city. I’m super excited, that’ll be in a few hours. Also, on Friday I’m going to buy street soccer shoes.

Going to the park last Saturday was a super cool experience. It’s a huge, gorgeous park and it’s used well by natives and tourists alike. I was pretty useless to my two Spanish-speaking companions, but we did well. Handed out two Books of Mormon and got referrals for those same people. Hopefully they follow through.

PS--sorry this is unorganized. There’s not much time.

We have a district of three Italian missionaries from Napoli and Rome, a district of three native Russian speakers, and then a bunch of Spanish districts and two Russian districts. We love our native speakers. There’s definitely a language barrier but we understand each other well enough and we’re all having a pretty great time.

I’ll send pics when I get them. Hope everyone is doing super well!


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