May 3, 2021


Saratoga Springs, NY


Elder Gabe Johnson

Week 43: More Miracles

Hey everyone!

It has been another great week! Crazy to think that I now go home THIS MONTH! The miracles with Júlio have kept going though! Just to recap, Júlio is the Brazilian guy in our area we found calling random numbers who is brothers with someone else we are teaching. We met with him and Marcelo (his brother) almost every day. Júlio especially is loving everything we share! He read 1 Nephi 1-17 in one day along with watching a ton of the Book of Mormon videos! He recounted to us the story of Alma and Amulek, Ammon and King Lamoni, Nephi getting the plates, Nephi breaking his bow, and others! He read/watched it all with his kids who we hope to meet soon. He also referred his other son who is 18 and moved out to us and we started teaching him. We taught the word of wisdom this week and he shared how he had noticed the negative effects that coffee has in his life so he stopped drinking coffee a few months ago and is already living the word of wisdom! He said that our generation's "tea" is Coca Cola and asked if he should give that up! He is awesome! Unfortunately, he got sick on Saturday so he and his family didn't come to church this week, but we aren't too worried. One other miracle that did happen on Sunday though is that I was able to bear testimony. During my testimony, I mentioned that I had served in Brazil. After the meeting, a member walked up and introduced himself. He just barely moved here from UT and he served in Brazil and has really kept up his Portuguese! The ward doesn't have a single other active member that speaks good Portuguese, it was a Huge miracle! God really has been preparing the way for our Brazilian friends here in Saratoga!

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