March 17, 2021


Liverpool, NY


Elder Kyle Michelson

Week 36: Each Life that Touches Ours for Good

Hey Everyone!

We had another great week! The weather actually started to get pretty nice this week! There were a couple of days that were like 60° this week and we got out on a couple of morning runs. But then yesterday it was like 20° and snowing. The sun has been out a lot more and it seems like we've pretty much made it through the winter even though there are some cold days here and there.

Things are going great with the people we are teaching as well! Josh is basically good to go for the 28th! His mom has been a lot better about staying in touch with us and helping him get to church even on the days she works. He met the bishop and just needs an interview before he's totally ready!

James is also doing great! Daylight savings threw him off so he couldn't make it to church in person this week but he did hop on the zoom. We might move his date back though so he can come in person once or twice.

And Ken's health is improving! He should be able to make it to church in person this week which is a huge step in the right direction! His doctor still doesn't want him getting baptized just because of the inability to social distance but he is getting closer. We introduced him to Brother Lesperance in our ward this week. It was really funny because yesterday at church he came up to us and said "I want to be the one to baptize Ken" the members all love him and the ward mission leader actually mentioned him as a potential fellowshipper for one of the people the Sisters are teaching!

We have found another few people in the past couple of weeks that seem really solid and have already come to church. One of them actually is a college student living in Potsdam! We will have to refer him but once we do, hopefully Christian can be a fellowshipper for him!

Have a great week!
Elder Walker


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