November 9, 2020


Potsdam, NY


Elder Trevor Larsen

Week 18: The Potsdam Miracle

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The weather has definitely improved this week. Last week it was snowing as I wrote, while right now it's 72° outside. Unfortunately, we've been in tight quarantine all week so we can't do much to enjoy the weather.

This week, we had a really amazing miracle. On Thursday, we got an email that someone had self-referred them self requesting a missionary visit. We texted and set up a lesson with him for that night. We started by asking him what he wanted to get out of meeting with us. He first said that he wanted to know the meeting times of our church so that he could visit. We happily filled him in. His next question was: "what about your church is different from other Christian churches?" Lots of thoughts came our our minds, but we had just that afternoon had a training about how the Book of Mormon is our most powerful tool for conversion so we immediately taught and testified about the Book of Mormon. It turns out, that he had already downloaded the Book of Mormon app and begun reading. We invited him to read the intro, he said he would and that it shouldn't take very long. He asked if we could meet him again the next day. When we called again, he had read the intro. We taught him about the restoration. He took it really well, he just thought it all made sense to him. It was quite refreshing actually to teach someone that God worked through prophets anciently and he still does today and have someone think about it for a second and decide that that really does make sense. He said that he would read more of the Book of Mormon and he would pray about it and we will meet again tonight. Unfortunately, because COVID is spiking here in Northern New York, they canceled church again so he couldn't come this week. Other than that, it really has been miracle filled every time we talk to him.

Other that that, things have been about the same. We've still been busy meeting with a lot of recent converts and struggling members with a few of our friends mixed in. It's really just been another great week.

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Elder Walker

(Because we've been locked inside, I have no pictures this week, sorry)


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