September 7, 2020


Buffalo, New York, United States


Elder Justin Nielsen

Wiki 9: Miracles in even the worst days!


Once again, we had a great week. This Friday is going to be Wayne's baptism, he has continued to progress and is doing super great. He passed the interview and is being interviewed for the aaronic priesthood this evening. We've been struggling to meet regularly with most people. We meet regularly with about 4 people, everyone else it a bit inconsistent which makes it hard for them to progress. Although we did meet someone this week who shows a lot of promise. We met our friend Pierre this Friday, he already had a Book of Mormon in French and was really excited to learn more. We invited him to church over zoom and he came and watched the whole meeting. He wore a suit and tie and even sent us a picture of the zoom call afterwards to show us that he came. Unfortunately he lives in Syracuse so we will have to figure out how we can help him become comfortable attending the English church there even though he doesn't speak English.

This Saturday was scheduled to be a super busy day. For some reason, everyone we talked to seemed to want to meet on Saturday. So we started the day with 12 lessons scheduled. As the day went by, lesson after lesson just fell through. At the end of the day we were 0/13 on teaching appointments (one guy fell through and rescheduled for that evening and fell through again). Some days are like that here in quarantine, but even on days like that, we see miracles in the work. I promise that if you look for God's hand in your life, you will see miracles in even the worst days.

Have a great week!
Elder Walker


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