July 27, 2020


Buffalo, New York, United States


Elder Justin Nielsen

Wiki 3: Out of Quarantine, Entering Phase 1!

Jambo Jambo!

This week, we are finally out of quarantine so we took a walk along Lake Erie for P-day. So this email won't be super long. Other news: our mission has finally gone into phase 1 of returning to normal. That means that now we can go to scheduled teaching appointments in person, have in person district council, do organized service, and go on daytime companion exchanges. It sounds like a lot, but really we will still be inside 90% of the time. Church also opened up this week, we had 3 sessions with up to 25 people each. We still didn't go because the Swahili group doesn't meet until next week. Even then, we can only go if there aren't very many people signed up to go.

This week, we had a lot of progress with the people we're teaching. We set a baptism date for next month with our friend, Wayne. We were also able to help our friends, Paya and Willie make it to the weekly church Zoom call for the first time. I'm excited that they will be able to come to church in person if they want to starting next week. As far as the day to day work goes, it's all going pretty well. We haven't been able to find quite as many people this week as we did last week, but we've still been able to find a few people that really have a lot of potential.

Have a great week!
Elder Walker


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