February 10, 2020


Uruguaiana, Brazil


Elder Joshua Robbins

Week 34: The Healing Waters of Baptism

Brothers and Sisters,

Sorry for not sending an email last week, my companion got sick and we had to go to the hospital on P-day. The water here isn't really safe and he got an infection because of it. He's taking medicine and is much better now.

The last two weeks were kind of crazy. Last week, we had a zone conference and Paulo was baptized. I had 2 days of conferences because I had to go to the Leadership meeting and the normal meeting. With the conferences it was hard to finish teaching Paulo and prepare him for baptism, but it worked out. He was baptized last week and this week he received the priesthood. It's really cool to see the progress that he's having. We're also working a lot with Nathan, he's preparing to be baptized, he really wants to and he is working on being more obedient and being nicer to his siblings so his mom will let him. It's really exciting working with so many people who are excited to better their lives.

Sorry for a kind of short letter, I don't have much time today.
Elder Walker

Notes from phone call:
Last P-day his companion had not been well. They went to the lan house to get done what they needed. Preston wrote me a very quick message, that he would not be able to call because his companion was sick. I messaged back right away with two quick questions, but no reply. Apparently, as he wrote the message his companion ran outside. Preston thought he ran out because he was going to throw up and followed. His companion passed out and Preston caught him. They went straight to the hospital. He was put on an IV for the day and sent home. He spent that whole night throwing up so they went back and he was given an antibiotic for a bacterial infection in his intestines. Likely from the water. Preston is feeling very grateful for the filtered water bottle we sent, the mission is working on getting one for all the missionaries, but has not been able to get them to everyone yet. Preston did say that they drink filtered water at home and they are encouraged to drink bottled water when out and are reimbursed for it, but when they drink juice at appointments, they most likely just use tap water.

Nathan was scheduled for his baptism, but 2 days before his mom said he could not because he was being disrespectful and unkind at home. They are working with him to be better and setting goals for him to improve his behavior and attitude at home so he can be better prepared and allowed to be baptized again soon.


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