January 6, 2020


Uruguaiana, Brazil


Elder Ryan Duncan

Week 29: A New Year's Witness

Brothers and Sisters,

This week was yet another holiday week. Tuesday was New Year’s Eve and to celebrate, we had a little party as a district. We ate coxinhas that Elder Da Silva made, a cake that one of the sisters made, and we drank terere (It's like chimarrão but you drink it with cold juice or soda and it's allowed on our mission). Even though it was New Years, we had to be back home by 9 and in bed by 10:30 just like every other day. That night there were lots of fireworks and partying in the street. I didn't see any of it, but it kept me up pretty late into the night. The next day, we were up at 6:30 like every other day. We did exercises outside and we saw a few drunk people walking back home after partying all night. I’m sure everyone thought we were exercising to meet crazy new year’s goals that would last for a maximum of one week, but in reality, it was the same thing we do every day.

This week we finally met Paulo, the other Elders we teaching Paulo but he went on a long trip for the holidays and didn't get the chance to meet him until this week (5 weeks in the area). Paulo was really cool, he remembered what the other Elders taught about the Book of Mormon even though it had been over 5 weeks. He also came with us to church so that was encouraging. This week I had the chance to start studying the Book of Mormon with the new Come Follow Me manual. I’ve been learning a lot studying with the new manual. One thought that I had while I was reading the introduction and the testimonies of the 3 and 8 witnesses that I wanted to share is that we don't have the opportunity to see the gold plates feel the engravings and have an angel appear to us, but we can read the book, pray about it, receive a testimony about the truthfulness of the book and then be a testimony to the whole world the same as the 3 and 8 witnesses. Even though we don't have physical proof that the Book of Mormon is true, we can be witnesses just as powerful because when we bear testimony, the spirit will testify of our words. Eu sei que O Livro de Mórmon é a palavra de Deus e que ele é o livro mais correto na face da terra. Eu sei que Deus nos ama então, ele revelou seu evangelho para nos abençoar e guiar hoje em dia. Em nome de Jesus Cristo Amém

Translation: I know that The Book of Mormon is the word of God and that it is the most correct book on the face of the earth. I know God loves us so He has revealed His gospel to bless and guide us today. In the name of Jesus Christ Amen

Feliz ano novo! (don't forget to set goals)
Elder Walker
Notes from phone call:
-For those who read last week and saw all the bites on his arms, he is doing better this week. He has been reapplying his bug spray throughout the day rather than just in the morning and sweating it off. (Plus, it has not been as hot this week.)
-I loved this...As we were talking his companion poked his head around the corner and asked my name and to borrow Preston's headset. Elder Duncan told me that he loved Preston. He said he was a great missionary, a hard worker and super smart. It was sweet and genuine.
-Elder Pedrosa is a body builder and even as a missionary takes his exercise seriously (remember the suitcase full of weights?) Preston has loved having real workouts in the morning. He will miss that when Pedrosa goes home, but Preston bought his jump rope (which I thought I sent one with him) and hopefully they will keep the fun workouts up.


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