November 11, 2019


Ala 1, Livramento, Brazil


Elder Matthew Odenwalder

Week 21: The Sun May Be Shining, but Some Dark Clouds Linger

Week 21:

Brothers and Sisters,

This week was pretty hard. The week started out great, the sun finally returned after about 2 or 3 weeks with only a couple sunny days. The sunshine really helped because when it's rainy nobody is on the street. We talked with a lot of people to expand our teaching group and we talked a lot with Felipe and Angelita.

Angelita was ready to be baptized on Saturday. She had stopped smoking and was really excited, the interview went well too. Saturday afternoon, we filled the font and went to pick her up for the baptism. We got to her house to find that she was smoking. We had to cancel the baptism; she was devastated. She thought that she could smoke one last cigarette, be baptized, and never smoke again. We explained that she has to be living all the commandments for a certain time in order to be baptized. She threw out all her cigarettes and we marked next Saturday for the baptism. On Sunday, we passed by to go with her to church, but she wasn't there. Later that night, we passed by with a member to visit her but she wouldn't answer the door. She was home for sure, but wouldn't talk with us. It was really sad because we are there to help but we can't do anything if she won't talk to us.

We also were disappointed on Sunday when we passed by Felipe ́s house to go to church with him. We knocked on the door but nobody answered. That night, we passed by again to visit him and find out what happened, he also was home, but wouldn't answer the door. It's hard to have these experiences because you know that they will be happier if they just open the door and talk to us, but they have their own agency and there's nothing you can do but pray and keep trying to talk to them.

This weekend was hard and sad, but I have faith that they will return to the path they were on shortly and continue enjoying the gospel and seeing it bless their lives.

Elder Walker

From phone call:
Preston tasted capybara meat.

Capybara, also called carpincho or water hog, the largest living rodent in the world, a semiaquatic mammal of Central and South America.


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