November 4, 2019


Ala 1, Livramento, Brazil


Elder Matthew Odenwalder

Week 20: God's Power Helps Overcome Obstacles

Brothers and Sisters,

This week we worked a lot with our investigators, Felipe and Angelita. We've been teaching them both for about a month and they're both getting really close to baptism. Angelita has a baptism date for this Saturday, this week she was down to just a few cigarettes per day. She was doing great at reducing the number every day until she was just smoking one per day, she had a lot of trouble with this last cigarette. One day, we decided to change our plans a little and see if a member who lived just a few houses away wanted to come with us for the visit. She came and got along really well with Angelita, they have a lot in common and they have family living in the same city, it was really cool to see her making friends with a member. A little later, she told us that she smoked 3 cigarettes that day, the member that we brought with us told the story of when her husband stopped smoking years ago, he smoked a lot but one day decided that cigarettes should not have power over a person and stopped completely and never smoked another cigarette again. The story really helped Angelita, she decided to do the same thing and hasn't smoked again since. She's really excited to get baptized this week and she announced it to the whole ward during Sunday school, she even gave the closing prayer.

We also worked a lot with Felipe, he didn't come to church last week and so we visited him early in the week to find out why. He said that he heard us knocking, but it was raining and he doesn't leave home when it's raining so he went back to bed. At first, we didn't really know how to respond, after a few seconds Elder Odenwalder picked up his umbrella and balanced it on his finger and said that he has lots of choices in life, he has to choose to obey God (one side of the umbrella) or Satan (the other side). We explained that Satan will always make it hard to obey God, (we put a book on Satan's side of the umbrella) but God always be able to lift to weight if you choose to follow him. Satan will always put a weight on his side and make it hard to follow God, sometimes the weight will be rain outside, sometimes you'll be tired and not want to wake up, but God always has his hand on the handle of the umbrella and he is stronger than any weight Satan can put on. It was a simple object lesson, but it really made a difference to show a visual lesson with him. He finished reading The Book of Mormon this week a couple days later and came with us to church. He loved going to church and said that he wants to come with us every week. It was really cool to see him finally overcome this obstacle that he has been having for a long time now.

Elder Walker


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