October 28, 2019


Ala 1, Livramento, Brazil


Elder Matthew Odenwalder

Week 19: The Restored Gospel Inspires Change

Brothers and Sisters,

This week was a good week, but it was also a bit of a crazy week. Elder Odenwalder had an appointment to get something checked out with a doctor on Wednesday, we showed up for our appointment and the doctor wasn't there so we left thinking that the appointment had been Thursday and we wrote it down wrong. On Thursday, we stopped by and learned that our appointment had been Wednesday but the doctor stepped out for a minute to take care of something at the exact moment that we showed up to find that she wasn't there, we rescheduled the appointment for Friday. Finally, Friday we actually saw the doctor. She looked at the problem, but said that we needed to schedule an appointment to do a procedure. We decided to get her phone number and schedule over the phone, but we never called because the problem he has is already fixing itself and we don't want to deal with the same long process to get an appointment.

We've been working a lot with an investigator named Angelita this week, we've been teaching Angelita for about a month now and she has already been taught all the lessons and has been to church twice now. She loves the gospel, and loves the ladies in the Relief Society that she met this week. She wants to get baptized and is ready in every way except that she smokes. She has been reducing the number of cigarettes that she smokes every day, she started out smoking 20 cigarettes per day, and is now down to just 4 per day. We made a schedule to help her stay on track reducing the number of cigarettes, if all goes well, she'll stop smoking entirely next week and she'll be baptized on the 9th of November. It's exciting to work with people who have a real desire to change their lives and to follow the teachings of the gospel.

Elder Walker


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