October 21, 2019


Ala 1, Livramento, Brazil


Elder Matthew Odenwalder

Week 18: The "Fruits" of Our Labor

Brothers and Sisters,

This week was a little difficult because it rained almost every day. It was hard to talk with people because nobody wants to accept a visit with the rain, but the rain cleared up for the last few days of the week so things improved.

This week we had the baptism of our investigator, Daniel. Daniel is 17 years old, and was first introduced to the church by members in Ala Prado, he went to church with them twice and by the time we started teaching him he already had a desire to be baptized. Part of this desire I think was motivated by his girlfriend who was a member, but we've been teaching him and helping him to gain a real testimony of his own. I performed the actual baptism and it was a really cool experience because it was the first baptism I've ever performed outside of the temple and it was my first baptism of any kind in Portuguese. Daniel was confirmed the next day by Elder Odenwalder in sacrament meeting, he has already been interviewed to get the priesthood and go to the temple.

Today, I was in a trio with Elder Odenwalder and Elder Pereira. Elder Pereira's companion returned home yesterday so today he spent the day with us. We made tacos and Elder Pereira made a dessert out of a fruit called maracujá. We also found peanut butter at the supermarket, before my mission, everyone said that Brazil doesn't have peanut butter, but we were talking with a member and she said that not every store has it but it isn't too hard to find. She said "In fact, it's $3 at Walmart" (Portuguese “12 reais at BIG”). Tomorrow is the end of the transfer, our district leader is being transferred so things will be different for us, but my companion and I will stay here in Livramento.

Elder Walker

Note from phone call:
If you notice in several pictures the bonk on his nose and forehead. He said they were walking down the street, near the chapel, heading to Daniel's baptism. The streets there are more city and the homes and businesses and garages are all close together. In his last area they were like this too and he learned that he needed to watch where he was walking or he would run into an open garage, which stick out at face level. His new area is more spread apart and this is not the case so he hasn't been as alert. This day walking he was watching the ground which was uneven, so he would not trip. He ran right into an open garage that hit his forehead pretty hard and as he lifted his head to look up he hit his nose. He had a good sized goose egg on his forehead and his nose was sore as well, but they were in a hurry and, as missionaries do, pressed on!


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