September 9, 2019


Ala 1, Livramento, Brazil


Elder Rubens Silva

Week 12: Goodbye Super Silva!

Brothers and Sisters,

This week I have a little less time than normal because one of the lan houses (lan house is where we use the computers) didn't have any power so we had to walk across town top the other lan house.
This week was Elder Silva's last week of the mission. A lot of missionaries’ kind of slack off a little at the end of their missions, but not Elder Silva. This week we talked with literally everybody on the street and nearly doubled our goal for addresses. We got 55 addresses in one day! It got a little difficult towards the end of the week because it was rainy and there was nobody on the street.
This week we saw a lot of success with our investigators. Our investigator, Daniel, started keeping commitments better. I got really nervous on Friday because he said that if it rained the next day he wouldn't come to church and everything said that it was going to rain. Elder Silva made a promise that it wouldn't rain and we said a prayer. I was a little scared at first when he made a promise that it would not rain, but I thought about it and God has power to stop the rain, and getting an investigator to come to church is a righteous desire so I had faith. Sure enough, the next day had dark heavy clouds, but all day it was dry. we stopped by Daniel's house that night and he confirmed that he was coming. Afterwards, it rained all night. Daniel came to church and liked it. I know that God has power to work miracles in our lives.
This week I leaned that I'm being transferred to a different ward. I'm staying in Livramento, but being transferred from Ala 1 (ala means ward) to Ala Planalto. I will have an American companion, he is about a year into his mission, I haven't met him yet, he arrives tomorrow. I'm excited to get to know the new ward but a little sad to leave this ward with all of our investigators and start over in a new area.

Elder Walker

Notes from phone conversation with mom:
-First, he "sent pictures" but I never received them, hopefully next week!

-"rr" in the middle of a word is rolled in Spanish, but in in Portuguese it is pronounced "h" , also an "R" at the beginning of a word is also pronounced "H"

-Finally had true Churrasco (Brazilian BBQ). Bro. George and his family that made it for him over a wood burning fire. Several different kinds of meat from both Uruguay and Brazil. They made them into thick hamburger style patties that were about 1" thick and served a caramelized onion sauce. He ate 4 hamburgers, all different meats!

-I asked what the "family names" or last name of the families he talked about and he did not know, because they go by "Brother (first name)" he said they do not use their family name.

-It is the rainy season, September is mostly rainy and cloudy everyday. Really humid and nothing dries out. He has figured out a trick to help his shirts dry. He washes them and then irons them right away, which steam dries them. He then hangs it up and it will dry! (They do not have a clothes dryer.)

-He said it was a good week and they saw a lot of success.

-The beginning of the week was really cold, they could see their breath in the morning in their apartment. By the end of the week in the 90's and humid!

-He told me a "funny" story, that I did not find "funny" at all! He said he was woken in the middle of the night by an alarm. He went in the kitchen to find the carbon monoxide/smoke detector was going off.They watched the safety videos in the MTC 3 times, but always in English so he did not have the words to explain why he was trying to wake up the other 3 Elders at 3 a.m. When he was finally able to get his warning explained to them, they laughed and told him they had nothing in the apartment with gas and that it just goes off randomly. He opened the window in the kitchen and went back to bed with a prayer. They told a member about it and they also said the alarms go off at random times. I told him not to ignore those alarms even if they are unreliable and his stove/ oven is gas, so I did not think it was funny.

-A few things he likes from there:
Guarana Soda
Sprite tastes better there than in the states because it actually has a little fruit juice in it.
Lacta candy it the big candy company there like Hershey's here.
He said fruit juice there is all like lemonade, a little juice, sugar and water. They drink a lot of juice so it makes it go further. He does miss real fruit juice.
He has not had a lot of the interesting fruits, probably more common up north near the rain forest. He said the main fruit that he sees are banana, apples, oranges, lemon, limes, lemons that look like and orange, mandarins, he had strawberries at a lunch appointment this week. (It has been their winter so we will see if that changes.)

-Some things about Elder Silva:
His parents are not members, but he and his 3 siblings were baptized. He and one sister are still active (she also went on a mission, may still be out.) He left with a girlfriend and a ring ready to get engaged when his girlfriend gets home from serving a mission in another part of Brazil.
He loves animals, before his mission he worked on a farm and does not have firm plans for his future, but he is wanting to be a Veterinarian. He was great at making cat noises. He would do it around all the stray dogs and get them all riled up, they would all come up to them and Elder Silva would make friends with all the stray dogs.It made Preston CRAZY! One dog followed them for about 3 miles one day, as soon as the dog would loose interest Elder Silva would start petting him again so he would stay with them. He would make his cat sound around cats and even the cats would start looking for where the "new cat" was.


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