July 23, 2019


Sao Paulo, Brazil CTM


Elder Nathan Staker

Week 5: It's Getting Real!

Brothers and Sisters,

This week I made a lot of progress in my Portuguese, my companion and I teach 3 lessons in Portuguese almost every day. It's been difficult to teach so much, but I've started to get a lot more comfortable speaking and teaching. One thing that really helped over the last couple days was splits with a Brazilian Elder. My splits companion this week was Elder Pontes, he speaks no English so I had to speak entirely Portuguese while planning and preparing the lessons. It gave me a lot of confidence to be able to communicate with my companion and give a significant part of the lesson. Elder Pontes was really cool, he and his younger brother are the only members of the church in his family and he is leaving to serve in Santa Maria the same day I leave. I was really glad to get to know him.

This week, Elder Giymah from my district left for the mission field. He was supposed to leave the same day as us but his visa wasn't good for long enough. Elder Giymah is from Ghana and his mission is in Angola, Portuguese speaking. He is really fun to have in the district and having him leave has really made it real that I'll be in the mission field in a week.

I have a fun story from this week. I was teaching a lesson in TRC to an investigator of ours named Laerte. He had a question about what is the spirit and what is his own thoughts. Elder Staker leaned over and asked if I knew the scripture that said good things are of God. I had an idea of where it was so I started looking while he was explaining a little bit. I only had my Portuguese scriptures and I had just seen it the day before. I thought I had found it and so I read the scripture and we bore testimony. After the lesson we went back to the classroom and looked up the scripture. It turns out that I read 2 Nephi 26:29 instead of of 2 Nephi 26:33. So it turns out that I shared a scripture about priestcrafts instead of on good things being of the spirit. Luckily I made that mistake in the MTC instead of in the field.

Elder Walker


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