July 16, 2019


Sao Paulo, Brazil CTM


Elder Nathan Staker

Week 4: The First Grapefruit I Didn't Like

Brothers and Sisters,

This week was a really exciting week. The day after I sent my last email I rolled my ankle playing basketball. It swelled to the size of a grapefruit. I've been able to walk on it and it's been healing well, but it was a really crazy way to start the week.

Last Saturday we went proselyting here in São Paulo, it was exciting to be able to walk through the streets of São Paulo and teach people in Portuguese. It was exciting, but a little frustrating. Only about 5 people stopped to let us say anything to them and we got 0 referrals which was a little frustrating, but that´s kind of what you expect when you release 24 missionaries and give them a range of 6 blocks on just 1 street. Elder Staker and I weren't the most outgoing or the best at Portuguese there so I wasn't really disappointed with how we did.

My Portuguese continues to get better every day, I listened to all the devotionals this week without a translator. I can understand everything that is said as long as it's being given by President Milder (the MTC president) President Milder gives most of the devotionals and he's really good at having a deep spiritual devotional. The only problem is that he can talk for 3 hours straight and his PowerPoints generally have around 150 slides. It is usually a little hard to focus the whole time. I enjoy listening in Portuguese because it forces me to think about everything I hear and makes me pay more attention. I did regret not grabbing a translating headset last Wednesday though, one of the MTC counselors spoke and he spoke much faster and didn't have the sides for me to read from, I understood very little from that devotional. I'm at the point now with my Portuguese that I can teach a short lesson about most topics of the gospel with no notes or prep time, I'm sure everything I say is littered with mistakes, but the ideas are still there.

I have just two weeks left in the MTC, I'm loving my time here and don't yet feel ready to leave, but I also can't wait for the chance to go out to the mission field. I feel like I've only been here for a couple weeks, yet in two days it will have been a month. Time seems to fly by here and it's easy to get lost in the work. I'm so glad to be here learning Portuguese and feeling the spirit everyday. It's only been a month but I already love the country and people of Brazil.

Thanks for all the support,
Elder Walker


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