November 5, 2018


Moreno Valley


Elder Jonah Dalmas

Week 30

Things are going pretty well and we have been doing some good. We had 7 at church yesterday, and we also have been teaching some promising people.
Kassandra has almost taken all of the lessons, and is starting to get a tiny testimony. It is small but as she keeps the invitations, her relationship with her Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ will increase.
We had that other family that we found a while ago come to church this week and a guy named Paul. Kassandra wasn't able to come, but she did go to a baptism that happened yesterday. Paul is a new person we are teaching, the Hermanas (Sisters) picked him up and passed him to us. He and his mom are both being taught but only Paul came to church after we stopped by in the morning.

The Lambert family also came to church and they enjoyed it. It was good feeling to look around and see the difference we are making. Not only have we brought new to church, there are about three people that have been less active or busy but we have run into them over the weeks and they have come to church a few times. So we have been keeping the ward strong. 💪
We also got a boundary change so we got like 5 or 6 new people from the Tongan/Moval Elders. Now our area is bigger and we got some different people. I will give an update about that as soon as I know more. Members and not.

My foot is basically healed and the nail is growing back normal. I don't know why it did tha,t but it's good now😊and I will be wearing normal shoes again.

Something else, I have been gaining some weight I noticed. I don't have a scale, so it has been kind of hard. Plus I don't really look all that different in some pictures but with others you can definitely see it. That is the only reason how I noticed, that and when I went to the doctor I learned that I weigh 195 lbs. I actually don't care at all it doesn't bother me. I know as soon as I get home, and I start rollerblading, also biking with my new bike, and working that I will easily be back, plus working out will probably be a thing as well. I will talk to y'all next week. 🤠



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