October 29, 2018


Moreno Valley


Elder Jonah Dalmas

Infections and Toes

Well... This last little bit has been interesting and I need to explain my title.
So about the time that I went on exchanges last week my right foot, specifically my toe right next to my big toe got an ingrown toe nail.
This was new to me I had never gotten an ingrown nail before, or an infection either, which brings me to the next thing. After I had cut my toe nail back a bit, the pain was gone completely. I realize now after going to the ER and getting some tips that I should have taken care of it differently.
But, it got infected as I need to wear shoes all the time so it was just the perfect situation for infection. Even with Neosporin on it, I had my suspicions and it still was too much.
So there is that. I am on antibiotics now that I got after I went to the ER. They also gave me a bunch of tips and I guess you could say that I am basically a professional now. (not really) 😂
I do know what I would do differently so that it doesn't happen again. I also get to wear a sandal while I am out so that's pretty great too. I didn't have to get my nail removed, they just helped me to take care of the infection. When I got home one night it had gotten worse so we went in. Which is good because it isn't that bad and it's now under control.

So there is that, but me and Elder Dalmas have been able to see a milagro (miracle). So... Out of the billion and a half people that we found that one week. The big family that we found came to the ward trunk or treat and also to church yesterday. AND! and... The oldest one that is basically the mother figure. She is pretty interested. And has been the whole time. She has been CPRing (churching, praying (about the Book of Mormon and Joseph Smith), reading) and making some progress that way, which is really good. AND! AND! ANOTHER MIRACLE! her boyfriend suddenly became part of the equation... She brought him to both the party and church and he is also elect. She says that she is getting her answer and I she is totally going to get baptized. Then with the kids it is basically all girls but we just need to get them to some activities so they can make some friends.

Me and Elder Dalmas also have been working on a couple things. And been making some progress with those things. Mostly it is just working with members and trying to get them to help us out. So that we can get all of the blessings and see all the miracles that will come from the members. That is pretty hard sometimes, but we have started to get some things rolling these past couple weeks. And are starting to see miracles because of it. Now that we are prepared to bring in a family, the Lord blessed us with one. But more miracles will be coming I know that. 😁

-Elder McConahay

A few pics:

Some amazing California Halloween decorations

Kia is moving to Utah so we took pictures with him and also his kids.

A fool proof disguise that my family sent me.

And some of the people from the family that we are teaching.

My awesome sandal


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