October 22, 2018


Moreno Valley


Elder Jonah Dalmas

Week 28

Well I obviously have to state the most important thing that happened first. Which is clearly the fact that I now know how to solve a Rubiks cube! 😳 I will see if I can send a video so you can have proof.

Now that I know how, the hype about has kind of died which is good I guess, I don't want it to be a distraction.

Life has been pretty swell. I know that lately with my emails I have been acting kind of pathetically. And all I am going to say about my situation is that I have started to serve Elder Dalmas. Now moving on to my email.

This week was pretty great, a couple things have been happening lately. So the highlights this week:
I went on exchanges with the zone leaders and I got to be with Elder McInnes. We had a pretty good day together and we talked about me and Elder Dalmas. That being the main reason for the exchange also to get the zone leader/district leader exchange out of the way as well.

I also got to bear my testimony in Spanish, it was pretty cool. We were doing language study and I was messing around on Google translate and wrote out my testimony. Then we were in a lesson and I felt prompted to share it so I did. It was really fun participating this time when I went on exchanges.
It was pretty simple testimony and was just about Heavenly Father, the Book of Mormon, Joseph Smith, and a modern day prophet. But it was sweet 😎

We haven't had any progress with those families yet sadly. Since they are families and not different households it makes it hard. So we didn't really teach anyone even though we found 17 new people.

Also me and Elder Dalmas had been working in Elder Jackson and Elder Rollins's area. Since they had not found anybody until last night. Elder Dalmas wanted to go into their area. It was pretty good and kind of fun to teach a newer missionary some stuff. Also kind of nice because they actually listen to what my opinion is. Part of me wants to train but I also don't at the same time. I could ask but I don't feel that would be a good choice I don't think I am ready yet.

A pretty cool miracle that has been happening slowly is with someone that me and Elder Dalmas found when we were out with one of the youth in our ward. She had missionaries come over to her home when she was just a kid. And now she is a parent and has kids, but she told us that she remembers them always coming over. "I loved it when they would come over" - Cassandra we taught her one time and that was like a month ago. She just has been busy, I guess different stuff comes up. She says she feels so bad every time she cancels on us. This week she was sick but the whole time she has stayed in contact with us. She showed us a picture of her and her family with the missionaries. She was around 8 years old in the photo. She also watched parts of conference and has been reading and also says that she is going to read and pray again about her answer.
We haven't actually met with her in person but she seems to be progressing still. Which is pretty awesome! We are actually going to video call her. It is sweet to see how the missionaries touched her life so long ago and how willing she is because of what they did.

But here are some sweet pictures! 😊

-Elder McConahay


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