October 15, 2018


Moreno Valley


Elder Jonah Dalmas

Week 27

Well I ended up kind of talking to my companion and he just got his feelings hurt, and he was a little irritated. I told him we need to be more obedient and also that our unity is lacking.
It sorta got better. I don't really feel like he thinks that anything needs to change. I don't really know what the problem is but I can definitely say that we have been struggling.
We ended up picking up seventeen new people in two days and he decided he was going to brag about it to everyone which really kinda bothers me, but I'm trying not to let it.
Our four man is pretty fun we spent most of our week trying to help the new Elder. Then that's when we got into the work again. We talked to some people through out the week and went to meetings and stuff.
Elder Brent H. Neilson actually came to visit our mission.

We talked to this one guy about the plan of salvation. And we showed him a picture that a member gave us and he wanted us to send it to him. We did, and also he downloaded the gospel library app so he could look into the scriptures on it but he found our message about a modern day prophet interesting and also the plan of salvation.
When we found all those people it was a bunch of families. The first day we found a family of four and visited a bunch of other people. Then the second day it was a Saturday and every one just decided that they wanted to schedule then. That day we picked up thirteen new people. One was a family of nine but we only were able to teach seven of them. Another was a family of six, but it was a part member family so that was five more. We started teaching another part member family. They are active their son just isn't baptized for some reason.

Pretty crazy how many people we picked up and hopefully we can help them to progress further towards baptism.

I will try to talk to my companion again just this time push a little more. Like I said, he got his feelings hurt so it didn't go very far. He doesn't really listen all that great to my opinions and that makes it hard.
We'll talk and I will let you know how it goes. Sorry that my emails are so boring and sad now. Its not all bad and as terrible as it sounds.
I love all of you guys, you're awesome! I am doing good, I really am.

Something amazing that happened is that it finally rained, and it was actually a good storm too. There was sooo much water, thunder and lightning. Our power even went out in our apartment. Thunder and lightning kept striking and it was so loud and really close. A couple car alarms went off and then it struck just on the other side of our building and killed the power to the whole complex. It was amazing!
I also am learning how to solve a Rubix cube from my Bro Elder Rollins. 🤓👌

-Elder McConahay


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